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Familiar with the process, Academy Award-winning screenwriter and veteran actor Jim Rash talks with the creators and head writers of critically acclaimed prime-time television shows to examine the aura in "the writers' room" and the writers' mental process.

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    • Author: Cezel
    Okay, I don't know all the shows that Jim Nash (who is hilarious by the way) talks about. The American horror one was pretty bizarre because I learned that the team that did that also did Glee which is one of the worst shows that has ever stained television with its awefulness. Still, the insight that you get into how all these shows are made, and seeing how the teams and the lead actors think about some of the main characters on television is worth it in itself. I have nothing but praise for this show, and I've watched every episode except the sons of anarchy one because I don't want it ruined for me! The only complaint I have, which is pretty minor, is that there are too many commercial breaks. It seems like they break away every minute for a commercial - but then Jim Nash has to make some money somehow!
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    Jim Rash Jim Rash - Himself - Host 12 episodes, 2013-2014
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