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A quirky female comedy which chronicles the dating misadventures of Jennifer & Melissa -- two girls fresh out of college -- as they attempt to transition into their 'adult' lives in Los Angeles.
Jennifer, a chronic short-term dater, guides her best friend, the newly-single Melissa, through the unwritten rules of the young dating world. Melissa struggles to learn the game while Jennifer tries to understand why she can't hold down a guy, and they both start wondering - is dating in LA really worth it? Based on the real-life dating horror stories of two best friends in their early twenties, this film uses the context of dating to explore the highs and lows of women in their early-twenties. Jennifer moves back home after college and attempts to live like an adult despite living under her mother's paranoid watch. Melissa struggles to pay rent while dealing with her sadistic studio executive boss and her cheating ex-boyfriend. The two girls lean on each other to guide them through this unstable time, while constantly on the lookout for their next hot fling. 'Let's Get Laid!' delves into the young dating world from a female perspective - and reveals that men and women aren't that ...

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Cast overview, first billed only:
Jennifer Cron Jennifer Cron - Jennifer
Melissa Hunter Melissa Hunter - Melissa
Aaron Misakian Aaron Misakian - James
Briana Lane Briana Lane - Tiffani
Lamon Archey Lamon Archey - Sundi
Alain Benatar Alain Benatar - Harry
Jay Knowlton Jay Knowlton - Handsome Guest
Marti Farless Marti Farless - Waitress
Terren Lin Terren Lin - Taxi Driver
Bryan Azeoka Bryan Azeoka - Barfly
Chris Butterick Chris Butterick - Barfly
Craig C. Chen Craig C. Chen - Barfly
Jonathan Fielden Jonathan Fielden - Barfly
Salome Heusel Salome Heusel - Barfly (as Salome Huesel)
Jinho Hyong Jinho Hyong - Barfly
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