» » The Legend of Zelda The Ringer (1989)

Short summary

When Ganon learns that there is to be an Amateur Magician's Contest in the Castle of Hyrule, he sees his chance. He will enter the contest and use his powerful magic to disrupt it -- and, in the confusion, make off with the Triforce! Only Link and Zelda, in an exciting back-to-back battle with the forces of the evil Underworld, have a chance of stopping him!

The Overworld Theme from the first Zelda video game can sometimes be heard in some of the episodes.

Episode credited cast:
Cynthia Preston Cynthia Preston - Princess Zelda (voice) (as Cyndy Preston)
Jonathan Potts Jonathan Potts - Link (voice)
Tabitha St. Germain Tabitha St. Germain - Spryte (voice) (as Paulina Gillis)
Len Carlson Len Carlson - Ganon (voice)
Colin Fox Colin Fox - King Harkinian (voice)
Elizabeth Hanna Elizabeth Hanna - Triforce of Wisdom (voice)
Allen Stewart-Coates Allen Stewart-Coates - Triforce of Power (voice) (as Allan Stewart Coates)
Don Francks Don Francks - Additional Voices (voice)
Marvin Goldhar Marvin Goldhar - Additional Voices (voice)
Christopher Ward Christopher Ward - Additional Voices (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
J Bizel J Bizel - (voice)
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