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In the 1980s schoolboy Joe loves hearing his grandpa's tales of his time as a Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot but with the onset of Alzheimers Joe's parents put the old man into Twilight Towers retirement home run by the sadistic Miss Dandy. When the family gets to visit Grandpa Joe is shocked at his treatment, also discovering Miss Dandy's plan to swindle the residents. So, helped by his sister and her boyfriend, Joe sets out to spring Grandpa, who insists on bringing the other old people with him. They succeed but Joe comes to see that Grandpa's condition has worsened and takes him for one last ride in a Spitfire - before Miss Dandy is finally brought to justice.

Jennifer Saunders plays 2 parts in this program. A male vicar and the lady who runs the home .

The welsh lullaby 'Suo Gan' was sung near the end of the programme

User reviews

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    • Author: ACOS
    If you like WW2 films/ documenteries and you like David Walliams (bit of a random pairing but thats the reason why I watched this) you are in for a treat. A funny, heartfelt film that is great for all the family.

    The only reason why I dont give it the full 10 is sometimes the jump between the heartfelt moments to the silly comedy was a bit too drastic, but thats just me! Still a great watch.
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    • Author: Macage
    Great film adapted from a great book. With a stellar cast. Very enjoyable worth the watch. This film is for all ages.
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    • Author: Nern
    After watching this movie I felt so shocked. Brace yourself.
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    • Author: Vichredag
    First things first - the book is great. Emotional, exciting, character driven and honestly relevant to anyone who has had an older relative with any kind of dementia. Now for this adaptation. It's awful. I could honestly talk al day about what's wrong but I don't need to. The main issue ... and it's a big one is - Grandpa. My god he is portrayed as a boring slow and incapable pensioner that couldn't find his way into bed never mind be the hero of the story. We thought of him as a hero. An old school fighter ace who sounds just like you'd expect - big tash stiff upper lip type that loves wollaping jerries - in this adaptation he's practically asleep. This fact alone makes this adaption unpalatable. Basically the hero of the story is almost in a coma. It ruins the entire program and makes it ... well like grandpa ... boring and unbelievable
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Tom Courtenay Tom Courtenay - Grandpa
    David Walliams David Walliams - Barry
    Kit Connor Kit Connor - Jack
    Samantha Spiro Samantha Spiro - Patricia
    Rafe Spall Rafe Spall - Adult Jack (voice)
    Alice Nokes Alice Nokes - Shelley
    Frankie Fox Frankie Fox - Dazza
    Jennifer Saunders Jennifer Saunders - Miss Dandy
    Ricky Champ Ricky Champ - Gravedigger Butch
    Samson Kayo Samson Kayo - Gravedigger Vince
    Harish Patel Harish Patel - Raj
    Katy Brand Katy Brand - Miss Verity
    Ed Kear Ed Kear - Security Guard
    Ralph Riach Ralph Riach - Mr. Willkins
    Ruth McGhie Ruth McGhie - Mrs. Ray
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