» » Hop-O-Rama V: Day of the Bunny (2006)

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A meditation on perseverance, and a wind-up bunny.
A meditation on perseverance, and a wind-up bunny.

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    • Author: romrom
    This is a very funny short film. There are great shots of Prospect Park and nearby parts of Brooklyn, and it features an awesomely cute wind up bunny. The sound track, with the music of Hula Cougar, goes very well with the video. One of the things that make this movie so much fun to watch is the expressions on the faces of the other people in the park while the movie is being filmed. They simply don't react at all, as if filming a wind up bunny in the park is a totally normal thing to see. Audiences at the Maine International Film Festival seemed to really enjoy it. The filmmakers were present and said that there would likely be a prequel involving a wind up penguin. I'm looking forward to that!
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    Bunny Bunny - Himself
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