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A guy, a girl, and a robothead hike across a desert planet in search of a mythical lake.

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    • Author: Qwne
    My wife and I liked this movie a lot. It's a little slow-moving, but far from boring. The plot requires some obvious suspension of disbelief, but not too much to enjoy the film. The main characters are bit different, but endearing and not caricatures.

    If you think science fiction movies require massive explosions, space ships and special effects then you'll be disappointed. But this movie is well written, well acted, well photographed and well worth your time to watch!
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    • Author: GYBYXOH
    it's a low-budget indie sci-fi/fantasy. a little bit of romance in there as well.

    I'm watching this movie without knowing anything about it, never heard of it and never seen the trailer, so I have a minimum expectation. and I love it.

    if you expect to see a dystopian world with lots of conflicts or a survival journey for a better world or life, you won't get it in here.

    it's a light movie, pretty straightforward. there is nothing much happening in this movie, you don't really get a huge conflict, which gives me positive vibes to the story, and somehow uplifting.

    the cinematography is great, and I love the bright color.
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    • Author: Lianeni
    Omg what a beautiful movie :')

    I'm just writing this to rate 10 / 10 this movie brought peace into my heart. Lovely!
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    • Author: Andromathris
    As the title suggest "Everything beautiful is really far far away". There is no sense to this movie as the plot suggest, two individual and a robot-head (main character has a head of his robot) walk through the desert in search of a lake. I said no sense because their no survival method of any kind. They walk during the day with the scorching sun and sleep at night, find water & food when ever they want and where ever they want, they look like they don't need to take bath even after weeks of travel, looks fresh and healthy all the time.

    To most of the viewers this movie will be boring and if your are looking for something interesting or satisfying than stay away. This might not be your cup of tea. If you want to kill sometime and don't have anything else to watch and if you can keep the logic and common sense away, than give it a try.

    Anyway i will give it a 5 for their effort.
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    • Author: Wizer
    This movie does have plenty to say.. and it's clever enough to give you the space to think about it - instead of the usual bludgeoning into submission and acceptance!

    It's minimalist for sure - a rare (and worthy) beast in the current cinema-scape of sensory bombardment that we have been instructed to become used to..

    Credit to the entire team here for making simplicity cool, enjoyable and refreshing, as well as thought provoking and a pleasure to watch.

    A most watchable interplay of performances, music, cinematography and script; this undemanding movie still stimulates - and gives you the space to consider the themes it explores - and there are more than a few, and nicely interweaved; conditioning, programming, the mother, AI, (very clever here) relationships, love, self and other, now.. and zen.. and it doesn't need to resort complexity to do all this.. the sheer simplicity works just fine ;>

    Oh, and the soundtrack's yummy!
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    • Author: Delari
    I came across this movie on HULU streaming, the description made it sound interesting.

    In fact it is very interesting and the two leads are pretty good. They don't explain much but judging on some of the dialog and the strange plant species they encounter, trying to find nourishment, seems like they must be on a planet that is not Earth.

    Julia Garner is Rola and she is wandering through the vast desert. When Joseph Cross as Lernert comes across her she seems near death with white foam at her lips. He realizes she has eaten a poisonous bulb that resembles an edible one, he gives her something which saves her.

    Each of them is wandering through the desert, and he is searching for a mysterious lake. He is also carrying an intelligent animatronic head that sees and talks. But only the head and part of his task is to find batteries to keep her "alive."

    So, even though they have a brief encounter with a lost man it is basically these three characters, and only two of them are alive. It could easily have been a two character stage play, in this case the desert is the stage.

    Actually nicely done overall but as a feature movie it doesn't contain a lot of meat on its bones. You have to be in the mood.
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    • Author: Fast Lovebird
    Prepare yourself for two hours of hemp wearing hippies starring, pausing and staring some more. Repairing a "wooden" robot on route to a mystical crystal lake and that's it, that the whole story. If it wasn't for the pausing and staring the film would have been done and dusted in ten minutes flat. Quite like the music though.
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    • Author: Ces
    Destined to become a cult classic.



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    • Author: Granijurus
    I thought this was beautifully done. Before I watched it I assumed because it was in a dessert that I would get bored quickly. This was not the case! This movie kept my interest all throughout. I absolutely love the actors.

    I felt that he was trying to let go of the robot which kept him company for so long, replacing it with humanity and love, which was endearing as well as thought provoking. This movie made me think of how we are as a society and our dependency on technology as well as our lack of humanity and community.

    It makes me so sad to see any negative reviews as I thought this was such a sweet movie!
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    • Author: Dianalmeena
    This film is such genius you don't even realise it at first watching. During my third time of watching it I found quotes that were directly related to my life. The same happened with the fourth and fifth time of watching. The beauty is you can also make the story exactly what you want it to be, because although they end up searching for the crystal lake, there is no real reason or point to the story and no explanation as such. The direction, editing, cinematography, screenplay and acting are all top notch. Cross and Garner are sublime and both become my fave actors on the strength of this movie alone. Ohs and Sisson deserve an Oscar for this and I suspect this film will be around on the fringes for many years to come.
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    • Author: Malalanim
    And the soundtrack is equally thus.. Really recommended viewing.. Watch it! Listen to it! Read into it what you will.. there's plenty of room for that.. I love it!
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    • Author: Braned
    It's a minimalist film set in a world outside of the logic and rules of existence/physics we know.

    The directing and cinematography are phenomenal and draw you in while the plot moves slowly unfolding in a labyrinth of very subtle metaphors along the way.

    All great things said about the directing and photography, it is a low budget film and you can tell at times, whether that is intentional or not it can take the viewer out of the film. With some polishing on set design/wardrobe, lighting/location, and color/look it would make a phenomenal film and a great cult classic addition to indie film.
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    • Author: Kiutondyl
    Lernert wanders aimlessly around the Southern California sand dunes eating shrub roots when he meets Rola who is badly in need of water. Lernert carries a mysterious spigot that is able to magically pull drinking water from the sand and he uses that to revive the young woman. Rola later returns the favor when she finds him lying on the ground unconscious from a head wound. That's when Lernert's AI computer known as Susan says they are near the Crystal Lake. Rola reveals that she is trying to find the Crystal Lake, and the pair who have now become friends head off to find the lake together.

    I think that science fiction fans will find this movie enjoyable in spite of its very low budget and unconvincing plot. The entire movie only has four actors in total, and the entire film is shot outdoors in the desert and at the Pacific Ocean which is supposed to be but doesn't look anything like a fresh water lake.
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    • Author: Zainian
    Felt like i was in a dream the whole time. straight 10/10
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    • Author: Paxondano
    That's basically the whole movie with a robot thrown in. You don't need to see this movie. The cinematography is cool at times but it's not worth waiting an hour and a half for something to happen or some interesting conversation to happen. Nothing happens and there's nothing interesting in the conversations.
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    • Author: Perius
    Very engaging! I never imagined a film shot in the desert could be so captivating! The characters became my friends and I found myself believing the world created on the screen. Thinking, "Oh, so that's what you eat when you're lost in the desert." Great message too. Loved it!
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    • Author: LivingCross
    If you want a movie to sit back and relax to, this is it. Julia Garner is amazing and I found this movie because I wanted to see more work she was in. So glad I watched this. The other actor, Joseph Cross, was great as well! The soundtrack is just too good. The movie is fairly simple. A guy and a girl, (with the help of the guy's robot) search the desert for a lake that sounds like a myth. The rest is what you make of it. Great cinematography, great acting. It's as if the movie was made just for me. Credit to Pete Ohs, Andrea Sisson, and the rest of the team.
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    • Author: fr0mTheSkY
    Likeable characters. The organised Lenert, the impulsive Rola and a Robothead called Susan set out for an adventure through the desert to find the "Crystal Lake", working together to avoid the desert pitfalls. A really nice movie to watch.
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    • Author: Faebei
    The cinematography is nice and it's aesthetic. The plot was simple-so far from what we've been used too with lot of plot twist. But there aren't much of a life lesson or powerful lines delivered. The movie isn't that boring, it was just okay.
  • Credited cast:
    Julia Garner Julia Garner - Rola
    Joseph Cross Joseph Cross - Lernert
    C.S. Lee C.S. Lee - The Stranger
    Jillian Mayer Jillian Mayer - Susan (voice)
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