» » Shirayuki hime no densetsu A Little Fairy (1994– )

Short summary

During Jolly's educational journey, Jolly and Snow White meet a small, inept fairy called Milfe. Immediately, they make friends and she decides to accompany them. The fairy is still growing up, and her problem is that she cannot decide what to do with her life. Snow White and Jolly help Milfe, and, in return, receive the third and final charm needed to complete the journey.

Episode credited cast:
Stefano Albertini Stefano Albertini - (voice)
Rosalba Bongiovanni Rosalba Bongiovanni - (voice)
Sante Calogero Sante Calogero - (voice)
Donatella Fanfani Donatella Fanfani - Snow White (Shirayuki Hime) (voice)
Roberta Gallina Laurenti Roberta Gallina Laurenti - (voice)
Candida Gubbins Candida Gubbins - (voice)
Ian Keith Ian Keith - (voice)
Riccardo Mantani Riccardo Mantani - (voice)
Orlando Mezzabotta Orlando Mezzabotta - (voice)
Grazia Migneco Grazia Migneco - (voice)
Stuart Milligan Stuart Milligan - (voice)
Jo Monro Jo Monro - (voice)
Stuart Organ Stuart Organ - (voice)
Lara Parmiani Lara Parmiani - (voice)
Riccardo Peroni Riccardo Peroni - (voice)
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