» » Kitchen Nightmares Flamango's (2007–2014)

Short summary

Flamangos: a restaurant with an odd name, odd structure, odd decorative alligator, and odd dishes nobody likes. And Adele: real life's example of George Costanza's mom, with more than a generous helping of ungratefulness.

Episode credited cast:
Michael Cabbibo Michael Cabbibo - Prep Chef
Marc I. Daniels Marc I. Daniels - Himself
Jeff Feagles Jeff Feagles - Himself
Elizabeth Ann Koshak Elizabeth Ann Koshak - Herself / diner
James Koshak James Koshak - Himself
Scott Leibfried Scott Leibfried - Sous-Chef
Naris Mardirosian Naris Mardirosian
Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay - Himself
Kim Seeley Kim Seeley - Sous-Chef
Arthur Smith Arthur Smith
Chris Snee Chris Snee - Himself
Constance Tillotson Constance Tillotson - Herself
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