» » Trip for Biscuits Fight! (2017)

Short summary

To find his missing parents, Bajo tries to hire a PI firm that deals with the unexplained. Turns out 'unexplained' means 'aliens' and PI means "Perpetually Incompetent".

Episode credited cast:
Jack Enqvist Jack Enqvist - Teen Bajo
Irene Gomez Irene Gomez - Police officer
John Holland John Holland - Masked Wrestler
Reef Ireland Reef Ireland - Tosh Carter
Vishal Kashyap Vishal Kashyap - Police officer
Jarrod Montigue Jarrod Montigue - Alien Wrestler
Kate Mylius Kate Mylius - Amy Driver
Charlotte Nicdao Charlotte Nicdao - Violet
Mansoor Noor Mansoor Noor - Dan Driver
Steven O'Donnell Steven O'Donnell - Bajo
Nicholas Ross Nicholas Ross - Young Bajo
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