» » Wild Palms The Floating World (1993– )

Short summary

Harry's co-worker Gavin puts him in contact with the blinded Tully and the leaders of the underground Friends movement where they inform Harry about the dangerous of the Wild Palms Group and the Church of Synthiotics. Later, Coty personally murders Gavin so he will never talk again. Distraught and alienated with Harry, Grace attempts suicide. She continues to have encounters with the young boy Peter who seems to know more about what is going on then Grace does. Meanwhile, Kreutzer sends Harry and Paige to Kyoto, Japan to talk business where he persuades them to find a mysterious "Go chip". Harry is taken and tortured by mysterious contacts over what he knows about Wild Palms. Back in L.A., Grace is visited by Eileen Whitehope, Gavin's widow, who also alerts Grace to a danger in her own home. Elsewhere, Chickie Levitt is imprisoned by Chap Starfall, an erstwhile pop star reduced to lounge singer status until the Wild Palms group "revives" him, where he tries to find out more about ...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Jim Belushi Jim Belushi - Harry Wyckoff (as James Belushi)
Dana Delany Dana Delany - Grace Wyckoff
Robert Loggia Robert Loggia - Sen. Anton Kreutzer
Kim Cattrall Kim Cattrall - Paige Katz
Angie Dickinson Angie Dickinson - Josie Ito
Ernie Hudson Ernie Hudson - Tommy Lazlo
Bebe Neuwirth Bebe Neuwirth - Tabba Schwartzkopf
Nick Mancuso Nick Mancuso - Tully Woiwode
Charles Hallahan Charles Hallahan - Gavin Whitehope
Robert Morse Robert Morse - Chap Starfall
David Warner David Warner - Eli Levitt
Ben Savage Ben Savage - Coty Wyckoff
Bob Gunton Bob Gunton - Dr. Tobias Schenkl
Brad Dourif Brad Dourif - Chickie Levitt
Aaron Michael Metchik Aaron Michael Metchik - Peter
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