» » Prologue (2013)

Short summary

The first part of the story of five people, five distinct personalities composing the jigsaw of a complex human figure. Sixteen different scenes that, while stating the obvious, they encode their essence in movement, in colors, in shapes, in sounds. Creating a sequence of abstract, symbolic images we reveal choices that exclude other choices.

Credited cast:
Eva Bakatselou Eva Bakatselou
Spyridoula Chalari Spyridoula Chalari
Danae Dalakou Danae Dalakou
Gina Dekemidou Gina Dekemidou
Nikos Kolomvakis Nikos Kolomvakis
Nikos Konstantoudakis Nikos Konstantoudakis
Akis Kostopoulos Akis Kostopoulos
Orestis Lampadas Orestis Lampadas
Tereza Markopoulou Tereza Markopoulou
Nikos Michalakis Nikos Michalakis
Sifis Miliarakis Sifis Miliarakis
Sofia Papadopoulou Sofia Papadopoulou
Georgia Anna Politi Georgia Anna Politi
Spiros Theodoropoulos Spiros Theodoropoulos
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