» » Mater Suspiria Vision: Seduction of the Armageddon Witches (2011)

Short summary

"The origin of this story is the duality of the human being, what is labeled as femininity and masculinity, what is labeled as good and evil, death and life, that reside in each of us, this video makes a metaphorical exploration: a search for a balance, therefore regenerating femininity in the "man" and the importance of women in a world ruled by patriarchs who disguise their phallocentric theories in a false spirituality, which are only models of mental and physical control. I am seeking to re-write those stories which present a clear gender division and are accepted by people as sacred books and unquestionable texts. We must doubt everything, any absolute truth falters; we must rewrite Adam and Eve, open those interpretations, and observe that being who came before this division, that being who contained both man and woman. The apple must not be understood as the symbol of temptation and in connection with the divine punishment, but rather as a symbol which invites us to become our ...

Credited cast:
Fabian Ariel Fabian Ariel - Man
Marina Azañón Marina Azañón - Woman
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