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Josh is about to turn 30; he's intellectually disabled, and likes to play at being a vampire. His sister Nicole is 15, and dealing with her impending womanhood; middle brother Mike is the "normal" one, but in some ways the most childish - his latest conquest is Nadine, who runs the dog kennel at his security guard job. Nic is fixated on getting laid, and watches Mike and Nadine through the skylight with Josh. Josh also gets fixated on sex, though he has no clear idea what it's all about, and in particular on Nadine; to Mike's chagrin, she seems more interested in Josh than in him.

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    • Author: Enditaling
    This is a wonderful movie... the plights of those 3 siblings are very believable, while at the same time being very funny - not "rolling on the floor" - funny... more "smiling all the way through the movie" kind of funny (although I nearly fell of my couch when Mike starts giving his retarded brother some practical instructions on how to get rid of sexual pressure). The story is about Mike, a young guy with girlfriend troubles, his mentally disabled brother Josch, who wants nothing else for his birthday than his first sexual encounter - with Mike's girlfriend! - and their sister Nic, who knows all about the genetical and biological background of reproduction and now wants to experience it first hand with the area's biggest bully. The three of them are quite close and try to help each other, but the results are of course hilarious. The ending is a bit daring... just as unconventional as the whole movie (which is a good thing in my books). If you get the chance to see this, by any means check it out!
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    • Author: interactive man
    This movie is really modern and creative in many ways. The beginning sequence is extremely well conceived and filmed. So much so that my expectation bar went way up and I was expecting a modern German film revelation (didn't get it either with Run Lola Run, but Der Tunnel did the trick for non-modern-looking German flick at least)

    It is quite easy to jump in with the characters from the very start; they are weird, fun and interesting. Definitely not lovable, but great to follow around in their life troubles. So, how to get a 30 year-old mentally retarded brother laid? That's the question.

    The answer is not that simple and attempting to find it is what drives the movie to ludicrous and strange situations all around. There are some pretty inexplicable things it this movie, like why a character suddenly bursts into lip-singing for apparently no reason. There is some interesting use of split screen, of timer digital camera, of fake teeth, of pushed yet always believable narrative. This is a story of the new century. Of curious youths trying to get a piece of ass. This is a look at absurdity in day to day life. Yet is falls victim to its own devices. It is brilliant, but not quite there. Stimulating, but not quite touching. Awkward. Convoluted. Unpolished. Unsure of how to achieve greatness. In fact, it is quite like Josh, the Prince of Darkness. The VW. Not Volkswagen silly, "Vampire Wannabe". Childish. There is still room for maturity.

    Still worth a look though. Too strange not to be scene. Promising. The suiting ending is also a bonus.

    See you in your dreams...
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    • Author: Jesmi
    This film pulls a very difficult trick.It's fiction about recognizable people with believable worries, without ever sliding off into Serious Problem Film territory. At the end of it, I realized I had been watching a story about a problem family with some seriously troubled members. But while watching, I didn't bother about that and was just curious about the successes and failures of the sexual exploits of the children of this family. The light-hearted, matter-of-fact tone of the movie never allowed me to judge the characters or see them merely as comic objects. Their troubles were my troubles, as far as it went. What more would a film have to offer?
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    • Author: Walan
    "Mein Bruder der Vampir" is a good example of New German Cinema. Young directors like Sven Taddicken leave behind or use deliberately the traditions of German, European or American cinema, combining the best of all worlds without being eclectic. Taddicken and Pacht did not try to copy one style, one manner of storytelling or other things successful WHEN DONE BY NON-GERMANS. Instead, it's a uniquely German film, because it combines so many influences and succeeds in creating a single new style. On the other hand, neither is the comedy dominating the plot, nor are the tragic moments too earnest or morally laden - although the conclusion of the film may be too daring for some people. Another great film by a great upcoming director - watch out for Sven Taddicken!

    A strong 8 out of 10.
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    • Author: IWantYou
    I saw this last week in the Melbourne International Film Festival, and loved the way it really moved along. The style was so European and smooth, surprising (especially the lip-synch cross-dressing cabaret) and the audience went up and down with the central character's moods. SEE IT!
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Roman Knizka Roman Knizka - Josch Klauser
    Hinnerk Schönemann Hinnerk Schönemann - Mike Klauser
    Marie-Luise Schramm Marie-Luise Schramm - Nic Klauser (as Marie Luise Schramm)
    Julia Jentsch Julia Jentsch - Nadine
    Alexander Scheer Alexander Scheer - Manu
    Barbara Stoll Barbara Stoll - Marlies
    Gottfried Breitfuss Gottfried Breitfuss - Rudi (as Gottfried Breitfuß)
    Marie-Lou Sellem Marie-Lou Sellem - Chantal
    Saskin Tamara Richter Saskin Tamara Richter - Werkstattleiterin
    Paul Rudolph Paul Rudolph - Dennis
    Anne-Sophie Flittner Anne-Sophie Flittner - Billie
    Manuel Dollt Manuel Dollt - Kutti
    Christoph Franken Christoph Franken - Ralle
    Noh Hages Noh Hages - Kemal (as Noh Hagos)
    Heike Kreidl Heike Kreidl - Paula
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