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    • Author: Rgia
    For five days in January 1990, a heavily tattooed man wreaked havoc in Canada. Initially the police believed his rampage began with the attempted murder of a 63 year old man at his place of work. The victim was beaten so savagely that this attempted murder soon became an actual murder, but the even worse news was that he had already murdered a young woman who had rejected his romantic overtures. He went on to kidnap and rape Sandie Bellows; he was in the process of stabbing this young woman to death when with incredible bravery he was set on by Alan Pike, a man well into retirement. That was not the only act of heroism before Peters was arrested, the actions of another hostage probably saved the lives of one if not two maintenance men.

    The documentary makers speak to Pike, Bellows and many others, but what could not appear in this 1998 episode of "Crime Stories" was the incident in 2007 when Peters was able to walk out of a minimum security prison. Perhaps even more incredible is the fact that he had already been allowed out with an escort and was being prepared for parole. Why on Earth was he convicted only of two counts of second degree murder among the other charges? South of the border he would have been given a thirty year plus sentence for the kidnapping, rape and attempted murder of Miss Bellows alone.
  • Episode credited cast:
    Sandie Bellows Sandie Bellows - Herself
    Michael Boyd Michael Boyd - Himself
    Ralph Brookes Ralph Brookes - Himself
    David Crane David Crane - Himself
    John Duncanson John Duncanson - Himself
    Gary Harding Gary Harding - Himself
    Ron Hubbeard Ron Hubbeard - Himself
    Bryan Lye Bryan Lye - Himself
    John Mason John Mason - Himself
    Jay Ostrum Jay Ostrum - Himself
    Peter John Peters Peter John Peters - Himself
    Alan Pike Alan Pike - Himself
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