» » Dora the Explorer Baseball Boots (2000–2015)

Short summary

Boots loves baseball.  He loves to run and catch and throw, but so far he's never gotten a hit.

Episode credited cast:
Harrison Chad Harrison Chad - Boots (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Gabriel Alvarez Gabriel Alvarez - Diego (voice)
Christiana Anbri Christiana Anbri - Explorer Star (voice)
Jake Burbage Jake Burbage - Benny (voice)
Ashley Fleming Ashley Fleming - Isa (voice)
Chris Gifford Chris Gifford - Grumpy Old Troll (voice)
Henry Gifford Henry Gifford - Explorer Star (voice)
Katie Gifford Katie Gifford - Explorer Star (voice)
Kathleen Herles Kathleen Herles - Dora (voice)
Thomas Sharkey Thomas Sharkey - Baby Jaguar / Sea Turtle (voice)
Adam Sietz Adam Sietz - Announcer (voice)
Sasha Toro Sasha Toro - Backpack (voice)
Leslie Valdes Leslie Valdes - Bear (voice)
Fidel Vicioso Fidel Vicioso - Papi (voice)
Marc Weiner Marc Weiner - Map / Swiper / Fiesta Trio / Forest Creatures (voice)
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