» » Avenida Brasil Episode #1.41 (2012)

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Nina/Rita retrieves Tufão's money from Lucinda in order to pay hush money to Nilo.Polygamist Cadinho doesn't know that Verônica is still reeling from secretly seeing him out with Aléxia. Verônica is calling Cadinho's other wife Débora for advice, although neither one knows that she's on the phone with her real competition. When Cadinho agrees to bed Verônica, she exacts some revenge by inflicting some pain along with the pleasure. This disables her husband to an embarrassing degree during an important presentation.Silas showing lots of love for his woman, now that she's committed to marrying him. Monalisa could have learned the truth about Silas' faked heart condition from Olenka but Monalisa silenced her by gushing how in love she was with her fiancé. As the rain pours down, Iran shares his worries with his mom and Olenka for Suelen living on the street. At the same time, Leandro starts feeling pity for her as well and Diógenes agrees that it's wrong to leave her there. When both ...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Murilo Benício Murilo Benício - Jorge 'Tufão' Araújo
Débora Falabella Débora Falabella - Nina García
Cauã Reymond Cauã Reymond - Jorginho Araújo
Alexandre Borges Alexandre Borges - Cadinho Queiroz
Vera Holtz Vera Holtz - Lucinda
José de Abreu José de Abreu - Nilo
Nathalia Dill Nathalia Dill - Débora Queiroz
Isis Valverde Isis Valverde - Suellen
Heloísa Périssé Heloísa Périssé - Monalisa Barbosa
Marcello Novaes Marcello Novaes - Maxwell Oliveira
Fabiula Nascimento Fabiula Nascimento - Olenka
Otávio Augusto Otávio Augusto - Diógenes
Bruno Gissoni Bruno Gissoni - Iran Barbosa
Thiago Martins Thiago Martins - Leandro
Débora Nascimento Débora Nascimento - Tessália
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