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Thomas and the Sanders Sides appear on Anxiety's room, which looks just like Thomas' apartment decorated as in a Tim Burton movie, with a clock that moves quickly backwards, spider webs everywhere, posters of "A Nightmare before Christmas" and a curtain with drawn spiders, something that scares Patton to death. At first they don't see him, but soon Anxiety pops up startling them all, a moment when Thomas goes back to normal. Anxiety tells them he has decided to quit, as he didn't thought he was wanted, and even though he only intended to protect Thomas, he has understood that he overdoes it and thinks Thomas will be better without him. Thomas and the others try to convince him to come back, as anxiety, even if unpleasant, is necessary for Thomas' life. But soon something strange starts happening to the Sanders Sides, as they start developing the same eye-shadow and progressively become more and more anxious the more time they spend on Anxiety's room.

Up until the previous episode (where Anxiety only appeared in flashbacks), Thomas Sanders did his own makeup for Anxiety drawing under his eyes with an eye pencil and then squeezing and rubbing it with his finger. On this episode, Talyn stepped in to do Anxiety's makeup with eye shadow, in order to do the effect of the eye shadow appearing gradually on Roman, Logan and Patton the longer they were on Anxiety's room. The new makeup was so well received that it was decided that Talyn would keep doing Anxiety's makeup on future episodes.

Virgil's name is based on the Roman poet Virgil, who appears as a character in Dante's "Divine Comedy", where he escorts Dante through the Underworld. Also, "Virgil" derives from "Vergilius", a name of Latin origin with unknown meaning that experts theorize it is derived from the word "vigil".

First time it is revealed that Anxiety's real name is Virgil. This was by far the most expected of the names to be revealed, not only because it was the last name of the main Sanders Sides to be revealed, but also and mainly because of Anxiety's huge popularity among viewers. It also helped that the previous names were revealed in a pattern of "reveal - light episode - reveal - light episode - reveal", with little time between reveals, and Anxiety's reveal took four episodes after the previous reveal to be done, including a false teasing of a reveal and ending the last of these four episodes with a cliffhanger, building up the tension and curiosity among viewers even more and triggering theories about why he was so reluctant to reveal his name.

Roman poet Virgil, one of the inspirations for Virgil's name, escorts Dante through the Underworld in "Dante's Inferno". Just like him, at the end of this episode, Virgil rescues the Sides and helps them to get out of his room when they get too corrupted.

When Roman hints at the existence of other Sides, he suddenly covers his mouth with his hand. This mannerism, initially perceived as a random gesture, is very similar to the way Deceit makes Logan cover his mouth with his own hand in Sanders Sides: Can Lying Be Good? (2018). It's been theorized that it was actually Deceit who silenced Roman too, and also who would have prevented Logan and Patton to speak honestly about it. Just like in "Can Lying Be Good", it is Virgil who speaks a little more openly to Thomas about that, but not enough to reveal anything, simply telling him this time to "table that question for another day". This hints at the largely theorized possibility of Virgil being originally a Dark Side like Deceit, since Deceit seems to have less control over Virgil than on the rest of the Sides, who cannot even speak about the matter.

Episode cast overview:
Thomas Sanders Thomas Sanders - Thomas / Logan / Patton / Roman / Anxiety
Talyn Talyn - Roman (screaming voice) (voice)
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