» » Drifting (2013)

Short summary

A young woman faces old fears when she moves into a new home with her older sister.
After dropping out of art school, young photographer Leah Morrow moves into a new house with her best friend and older sister, Clara, to try and find direction for her life once again. In an attempt to simply get by, Leah keeps to herself and makes few friends. Except one: Mark. But as old nightmares haunt Leah's dreams, something in the house starts waking...something that casts doubt on everyone Leah has ever cared about and anything she has ever loved.

Credited cast:
Anthony Bitner Anthony Bitner - Shadow
Darnell Burch Darnell Burch - Tom Rosenhall
Brandon Dunham Brandon Dunham - Shadow
Anna Ely Anna Ely - Clara Morrow
Broderick Goodnight Broderick Goodnight - Mark
Lauren Gray Lauren Gray - Mary Rosenhall
Adam Hagy Adam Hagy - Additional Voices (voice)
Ian Hougland Ian Hougland - Additional Voices (voice)
Amy Marie Amy Marie - Donna Morrow
Erin Moody Erin Moody - Clara (Age 12)
Kathryn Moody Kathryn Moody - Leah Morrow
Sadie Parraga Sadie Parraga - Leah (Age 9)
Josh Sommers Josh Sommers - Stephen Morrow
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