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A kung fu knight walks the road to vengeance after the evil Ghost Gang kills his wife and son. The swordsman known as "Twin Blades" must take on a quartet of color-coded cutthroats to set things right.

After the death of Ching Doe mid-shoot due to cancer, veteran Shaw Brothers director Feng Yueh assumed the uncredited directorial duties to complete the film on Doe's behalf.

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    • Author: Bliss
    Despondent over the inadvertent death of Hero Lu during a "friendly" duel, Hero Chang (Ling Yun) goes cold turkey for three years- until he runs into masked members of The Ghost Clan during a robbery attempt. In short order, he's back at it- to the eternal dismay of the masked thugs. For his affront, the gang murders his parents. He finds the bodies and once again takes up THE TWIN BLADES OF DOOM. He comes across a "wounded man" near death on a deserted mountain road and attempts to help by carrying the man to a doctor. Camouflaged Ghost Gang members attack him and, still carrying the man (who is awake and well enough to wound HIM with a poison dart), Ling fights them all off. He makes it to the home of the lovely Yi-Erh and her family and stays with them as he recuperates. (It turns out that Hero Lu was her uncle, which complicates their budding romance.) Meanwhile, the villainous Ma frames Chang (Ma wants the Twelve Jade Beauties, which are worth a fortune, and Chang is in his way). THE TWIN BLADES OF DOOM is yet another of the early kung fu movies that's far superior to much of what was to follow. The storyline is fairly simple and straightforward, and the filmmaking is nigh flawless. It's always a joy to come across one of these early and often long forgotten classics.
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    • Author: Umrdana
    It starts with two swordsmen fight and the one in white lives. Cut to the governor's palanquin is attacked by masked men on a rainy night. Ling Yun (as the lead character whose nickname is Twin Blades of Doom) arrives to save the carriers lives then seems upset that he killed people. He tells mom and pop there's trouble again and they must leave. By the time he can pack, his parents have been killed by the masked gang. He finds out it is the Ghost Gang (the big killers are named by colors). Ling Yun is a Shaw Brothers dramatic actor playing an action role as was typical of this time. His moves include many "karate chops" and overall he displays good speed and power. I find no action director credits for this film. The fights are all above average compared to other 1969 films. My criticisms are slight. The story did drag after the street performers entered the story and could have used more fights. Also, I never liked the lens technique that Shaw Brothers often used to shoot daytime for darkness. This technique darkened the foreground characters while the sky in the background remained bright and blue. This was particularly annoying during fight sequences because it just made the action hard to see. I rate this movie just a notch above average for the year and genre of martial arts movies from the golden age 1967 to 1984.
  • Credited cast:
    Yun Ling Yun Ling - Chang Chi-liang
    Li Ching Li Ching - Yin Pao-erh
    Hung Lieh Chen Hung Lieh Chen - Ma Lo
    Ching Yu Ching Yu - Tsui Hung
    Miao Ching Miao Ching - Lu Hua
    Lei Cheng Lei Cheng
    Kau Lam Kau Lam - (as Chiao Lin)
    Kang Liu Kang Liu
    Liu Hung Liu Hung
    Hao Li Hao Li
    Mien Fang Mien Fang - Magistrate
    Yuan Chieh Yuan Chieh
    Dean Shek Dean Shek - (as Shih Tien)
    Li Jen Ho Li Jen Ho - Uncle Peng
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Chok Chow Cheung Chok Chow Cheung
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