» » Soul Eater Kiseki no Chabudaigaeshi. Bokura no desu shitii robo? (2008–2009)

Short summary

After the fight between Blackâ˜+Star and Mifune ends, the DWMA gains a powerful new ally. And when Death utilizes Brew in an astounding way, he turns the tides of the battle against Arachnophobia.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Laura Bailey Laura Bailey - Maka Albarn (voice)
Brittney Karbowski Brittney Karbowski - Black Star (voice)
Monica Rial Monica Rial - Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (voice)
Todd Haberkorn Todd Haberkorn - Death the Kid (voice)
Jamie Marchi Jamie Marchi - Liz Thompson (voice)
Cherami Leigh Cherami Leigh - Patty Thompson (voice)
John Swasey John Swasey - Lord Death (voice)
Kent Williams Kent Williams - Sid Barrett (voice)
Brina Palencia Brina Palencia - Yumi Azusa (voice)
Eric Vale Eric Vale - Justin Law (voice)
Jason Douglas Jason Douglas - Joe Buttataki (voice)
Josh Grelle Josh Grelle - Ox Ford (voice)
Joel McDonald Joel McDonald - Kilik Rung (voice)
Caitlin Glass Caitlin Glass - Kim Diehl (voice)
Leah Clark Leah Clark - Blair (voice)
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