» » A Window to the Future (2009)

Short summary

In the passage between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, an anxious crowd is waiting in front of a theater for attending an event that will open a window to the future... Two children try to sneak into the theater because they don't want to miss this show that, as rumored, it is really amazing. But they don't know that Ramon, a grumpy theater employee, is ready to do anything to catch them. However, get in and hide in the basement. From there, they can see the lights between the wooden planks and hear the presenter. But could they finally see the show? Sonia Antorveza and Marc Vendrell make a delight short film. The atmosphere is very meticulous and the script is full of winks moviegoers who do nothing but enhance the magic and charm with which the authors wrapped this film. The cast is very large and each of the actors involved in the shooting of a window to the future, offered a very credible interpretation and worked, however small their role.

Credited cast:
Sergi Duatis Sergi Duatis - Kid1
Ton Prieto Ton Prieto - Kid2
Jean Claude Ricquebourg Jean Claude Ricquebourg - Presenter
Víctor Álvaro Víctor Álvaro - Ramon
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