» » CSI: SFP A Rose Tale Part 1 (2010–2020)

Short summary

Rose has to dig in her past to find the clue to saving a mans life.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Rose Valentine Rose Valentine - Det. Rose
Zach River Zach River - Det. Zach
Colin Becket Colin Becket - Cpt. Colin (as Colin Wilburn)
Michel Lopo Michel Lopo - Deputy Mike (as Mike Loposada)
Elvis Parker-Jones Elvis Parker-Jones - District Attorney Peter Parker / Sgt. Elvis
Kate Croft Kate Croft - Lt. Croft
Claire Westen Claire Westen - Det. Clarie
David Sott David Sott - Lt. Dav
Shannon Cos Shannon Cos - CSI - Lab: Head 'Judith'
Luke Valentine Luke Valentine - Rose's Dad
Cypres Valentine Cypres Valentine - Rose's Mom
Derick Medgers Derick Medgers - War Lord
Sammie Link Sammie Link - Defendent - Mrs. Link
Helon Barton Kile Helon Barton Kile - Lawyer Helon Barton Kile - Defense
Cane Restwin Cane Restwin - Lawyer Cane - Prosacution
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