» » Home and Away Episode #1.6960 (1988– )

Short summary

Justin and Dean between them find out Colby told Willow about his possible sentence and she visited Russell. Justin insists on continuing the search alone. Dean sees Alf showing Chelsea Campbell around the caravan park and makes a failed attempt to chat her up. Brody is trying to put together a gig at Salt but no bands are interested and neither is Justin so he starts practising guitar himself. Ziggy tries to talk to Dean but ends up falling out with him. Willow goes to the police station and makes a full confession to Colby: She is charged and held in custody.Colby fills in Justin and Dean. Back at the station, he finds Chelsea, an officer recently transferred there, and it is clear they know each other.

Episode cast overview:
Ray Meagher Ray Meagher - Alf Stewart
Sophie Dillman Sophie Dillman - Ziggy Astoni
James Stewart James Stewart - Justin Morgan
Jackson Heywood Jackson Heywood - Brody Morgan
Sarah Roberts Sarah Roberts - Willow Harris
Patrick O'Connor Patrick O'Connor - Dean Thompson
Tim Franklin Tim Franklin - Colby Thorne
Ashleigh Brewer Ashleigh Brewer - Chelsea Campbell
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