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From the Tea Parties to the healthcare and climate wars, America's conservative citizens have revolted against the Obama agenda. But are these grassroots actions in fact examples of 'astroturfing'? - The practice of manufacturing citizens groups for the purpose of delivering corporate messages?

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    • Author: Munigrinn
    Perhaps it was just Netflix's fault for describing this as an exposé by an undercover liberal reporter who embedded himself in the Tea Party movement. Sounds good, but there was only a single brief scene where the narrator gets up in a Tea Party meeting and urges them on, draws a few cheers, and then sheepishly sits back down. That's it as far as any subterfuge goes and I found that to be extremely disappointing. That aside, it was really little more than footage of unattractive loons waving signs opposed to big government. There were a few details on the Koch brothers that I did not know about, and some silly time-lines and charts full of names of nefarious people and organizations connected by a web of arrows shown many times, I'm guessing because it was too much work to create additional visual aids. All in all it was quite disappointing and I can not recommend it. You will be better served by any Michael Moore movie.
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    Taki Oldham Taki Oldham - Himself
    Wendell Potter Wendell Potter - Himself
    Steve Lonnergan Steve Lonnergan - Himself
    James Hoggan James Hoggan - Himself
    Leighton Steward Leighton Steward - Himself
    Don Blankenship Don Blankenship - Himself
    Christopher Monckton Christopher Monckton - Himself
    Sal Russo Sal Russo - Himself
    Mark Crispin Miller Mark Crispin Miller - Himself
    Myron Ebell Myron Ebell - Himself
    Brenda Ekwurzel Brenda Ekwurzel - Herself
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