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Déjà-Vu (2005) watch online HD

Déjà-Vu (2005) watch online HD
  • Original title:Déjà-Vu
  • Category:Movie / Drama
  • Released:2005
  • Director:Isabelle Alenus
  • Actors:Kimberly Dean,Martha Barnett,Steven Fessler
  • Writer:Isabelle Alenus
  • Duration:1h 28min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

A young woman (Hera) believes she has a five year old clone. She kidnaps her and proceeds to drive "home" across a lonely desert. She wants to give the child back to her parents. We find out why as Hera slowly starts losing her mind.

User reviews

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    • Author: betelgeuze
    I saw this film in Denver when the Producers showed it in a warehouse open to everyone in order to get a reaction from the "general public". I thought it was an amazing film despite it being very low-budget, with unknown (but very good-looking actors), and a first-time director who with her skinny silhouette and long blonde hair didn't look like she was the type to a) make a movie under most certainly very difficult conditions, b) fit in with other geeky art-house connoisseurs like Tarantino or Braff. I was happy to see that the film got into a Festival, because it is getting harder and harder for the kind of films that intelligent people want to see to get any attention! If it gets distribution, this film should do better than Napoleon Dynamite, Brown Bunny, or any other art-house film that does, by some miracle, get a look-in. If it doesn't, and that would be a real injustice, I hope that the producers will scream their indignation from every Hollywood rooftop until someone, finally, listens. PS. Look out for the bit when a hitchhiker (who is a figment of her imagination) describes a future without oil. It's good stuff!
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    • Author: Marelyne
    (and not just the cast ;-)

    I saw an early version of this film before it had been fully post-produced, so the sound was shaky, editing incomplete, and some of the effects absent. Even still, it was clear this was going to be an excellent independent movie, with some lovely photography (the sets on location in the New Mexico desert are just breathtaking), a powerful and poignant script (adapted from a stage play by the writer-director herself), and intelligent handling of characters, dialogue, and reflections on reality. It's hard to say more without spoilers, because this film really should be seen with a clear mind, but suffice to say this is a work of art that does not insult the viewer's intelligence, that I suspect rewards repeated viewing and thoughtful consideration, and that predicts great things in the future of both the producers and the largely unknown cast. Very promising.
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    • Author: Steamy Ibis
    I've seen this movie at the Cadeci film festival in Paris where it received a well deserved honourable mention.

    It has an intelligent story... simple but with loads of surprising twists, a wonderful setting (New Mexico desert), hilarious dialogues and boy what a lead actress!

    For all lovers of "magic realism", this is a must see!

    PS: At the time (2005), this movie was not yet fully finished (and at the festival the colors didn't really come out because of problems with the projector) so I hope the team is able to finish it and have it released in theatres all over the globe asap.
  • Credited cast:
    Kimberly Dean Kimberly Dean - Hera / Dione
    Martha Barnett Martha Barnett - Janie
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Steven Fessler Steven Fessler - Jake
    Viki Friend Viki Friend - Josephine
    Kristie Gallacher Kristie Gallacher - Hebe
    Shayna Gallacher Shayna Gallacher - Jess
    Matthew Gardner Matthew Gardner - A traveller
    Tim T. Hagaman Tim T. Hagaman - Jesse
    Anthony Ilacqua Anthony Ilacqua - Tristan
    Emerson Joe Emerson Joe - Joe
    Mathias Lepic Mathias Lepic - Jonathan
    Dirk Norris Dirk Norris - Policeman
    Pony Boy Osuniga Pony Boy Osuniga - Pony Boy
    Alessandro Polidoro Alessandro Polidoro - Gas station attendant
    Paul Radziwill Paul Radziwill - Male Hitchhiker
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