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Kenny Loggins performs in the music video "Meet Me Halfway" from the album "Back to Avalon" recorded for Columbia Records. The video begins with Kenny Loggins walking into a bar where he sings. He also walks along the highway carrying a guitar. Clips from the film Over the Top (1987) play throughout.

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    • Author: thrust
    Soundtrack clip from the underrated "Over the Top" here's a standard clip that mixes clips from Stallone film along with Kenny Loggins performing the song. When that was a current in the 1980's until the 1990's made better versions and examples on how to mix both medias - e.g. Guns N'Roses "You Could Be Mine" where the band interacts with the main star along with the film clips. So, am I saying there's nothing special in "Meet Me Halfway"? Well, in terms of clips it brings me memories from a childhood movie that was (and is) a favorite of mine and the thing that always stood in my head besides the father/son relation with the sport and stuff was this marvelous song. It just gives me the chills and it was one of Loggins final hits around here. More than the song, there isn't much to be said.

    Video has Loggins on bars, walking on desert highways, all 1980's style, looking hot with those shades and then the rest of it it's Stallone and David Mendehall memorable moments from "Over the Top". That's it. Bottom of line: we're only it for the song and here's a pleasant and nice one - slightly dated with its drum echo and appealing guitar solo but it's a nice effort, and it would be interesting if at least they could get an Oscar nomination that year - but the negative press all over the film (or lack of promotion by Golan and Globus team in campaigning for it) prevented its nomination. If curious the "Dirty Dancing" theme was the winner - deserved all the way. It makes more for the film. Anyway, it's an enjoyable video music but almost forgettable. 8/10
  • Credited cast:
    Kenny Loggins Kenny Loggins - Kenny Loggins
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Robert Loggia Robert Loggia - Jason Cutler (archive footage)
    David Mendenhall David Mendenhall - Michael Cutler (archive footage)
    Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone - Lincoln Hawk (archive footage)
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