» » Potpisani 03 - Voz (2010)

Short summary

Belgrade, 1942. As the war heats up, the high command thinks that the destruction of a German train is crucial in this situation, and presents this task to a small Belgrade partisan group, which easily manages to wipe out the train, but not the one that everyone expects.

Credited cast:
Vladeta Aksentijevic Vladeta Aksentijevic - Vlada Chechen
Bojan Aleksic Bojan Aleksic - Zrikavac
Bosko Babovic Bosko Babovic - Gojko Cinkar
Sasa Bajevic Sasa Bajevic - Boca, Paja Shishkebab
Bude Budisavljevic Bude Budisavljevic - Chedo Chednik
Milan Z. Djukic Milan Z. Djukic - Treger
Jelena Kovac Jelena Kovac - Partisan girl
Marko Kovac Marko Kovac - Prele
Vuk Kovac Vuk Kovac - Child
Nemanja Predojevic Nemanja Predojevic - Ado the Mother
Goran Simic Goran Simic - Gluhi
Ana Spasojevic Ana Spasojevic - Partisan girl
Dejan Spasojevic Dejan Spasojevic - Suri
Ljubomir Stulovic Ljubomir Stulovic - Brishkula
Nikola Teric Nikola Teric - Cane Pedala
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