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A car hijacker from a local gang gets into a problem after stealing a car.
A car hijacker from a local gang gets into a problem after stealing a car.

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Vikram and Sriman shot in the same Egmore house that they shot for Sethu (1999)

Vikram told in an interview that india needs to eliminate child labour and must have education free at the age of 14

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    • Author: Ximinon
    A basic mass movie where Chiyaan Vikram totally owns the heroic scenes. Pre-interval portions, Climax twist, Cinematography and Thaman's highly energetic BGM and songs are the major highlights.
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    • Author: funike
    Interesting premise but too much cliche spoils the movie.

    Midway through the first half boredom sets in and doesn't improve until the end. And suddenly out of the blue there is a twist at the end which becomes more of a joke than a twist.

    Vikram chooses good movies but not sure what prompted him to pick a movie like this!!
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    • Author: Alsalar
    I usually appreciate Vikram movies. He is one of the best actors in Tamil film industry. But I can't include this movie in the list of his best movies. Why? Because it's a typical Tamil action-cum-masala movie. Entry song, that too a Kuthu song, hero bombarding ten rowdies armed with deadly weapons, empty handedly, situation songs, etc. I can't tolerate anymore and I have decided never to watch another Tamil masala film in my life. On one hand, good movies like Mayavan, Vidhi Madhi ultaa emerging in Tamil movie industry, and on the other hand masala movies like this! What a paradox! If mass heros like Vikram, Surya, etc. don't change their acting styles and types of movies they choose, there won't be any place for them in Tamil movie industry. This movie has a twist end and I really don't like the twist. Even though this movie has a message, it will exert a bad influence in the society. Because most of the people tend to grasp the negative points in a movie, forgetting the good central theme. It's better to avoid making movies like this.
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    • Author: Gosar
    Good movie. Well taken. Good screen play. A different message at the end.
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    • Author: Warianys
    Sketch (2018):

    Even with lot of commercial failures,Vikram still has his own following because of his choice of scripts and electrifying performances.But unfortunately he starred in 10 Endrathukulla,a commercial entertainer which turned out to be a disaster.So we expected him to come with his own style of different film but surprisingly Sketch is more worse than 10.


    Jiiva aka Sketch (Vikram) is a right hand to local financier Sait (Harish Peradi), who offers loan for bikes and cars. If anyone fails to pay back the due amount, Sketch's job to seize the vehicle. Things go well, until Sait challenges Sketch to seize an old Fiat car of a gangster Kumar(Babu Raj), who consider it as his precious possession in memory of his dad.Things start to go awry and Sketch's life changes.

    My Review:

    First of all,Sketch is directed by Vijay Chandar,who debuted with STR'S Vaalu (2015), which is one of the worst films I had ever seen.How the heck did he got a chance from Vikram with a wafer-thin concept remains a mystery.While watching Sketch,you have to remind yourself that you haven't time travelled back 10 years and watching Gemini.Even the entry song (Which is ridiculous),strongly resembles "Yeyy Podu" from Gemini including a similar hand gesture.

    Director Vijay Chander has used the same old story and screenplay in the first half so nothing extraordinary here.It is so outdated that even get irritated on Vikram's choice of script.Sketch actually gets interesting only with the interval chasing sequence. Post intermission, the pace of the film falls and tries to get too serious but mostly resembles director Susheendhiran's work including its twist at the end.

    The role or the plot is not challenging for a fine actor like Vikram, but he's earnest and energetic as usual.I am still wondering why Vikram agreed to the film. The actor's screen presence is the only reason why I was looking at the screen. His swagger and good looks are admirable but Sketch isn't a role for someone of his calibre. This is the man from Pithamagan and Deivathirumagal,Irumugan and lot more.Rest of the cast are so cliched.

    Thaman's contribution stands out next to Vikram's, thanks to his songs and BGM. However, the placement of the songs spoils the mood.Cinematographer Sukumar provided visuals required for a mass film.

    SO,Sketch is the typical highly cliched movie which will remain as Vikram's worst choice in recent times.

    My Rating 5/10
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    • Author: Rageseeker
    This reminded me of an older movie Vikram back in the day, Bheema. It had a similar feel. The movie started off slow, as if there was no direction. But as the movie progressed it got more interesting and the climax was unexpected. The second half of the movie was a little more intriguing than the first half The movie was too violent for my taste. It was over-exaggerated making it feel pointless to the story line. Vikram was very good. It felt like he was given the flexibility to do his role. In contrast, Tamannaah's role was limited. Her character was unique but she barely got any screen time. It was like she was there only for a few words and the songs. The songs were nice but not really memorable. Overall, the movie was interesting but there was just so many scenes packed in that it made the movie feel slow.
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    • Author: Gathris
    SKETCH is clearly a watchable action thriller. While its lead star Vikram, the plot twists and the action sequences dazzle, the romantic subplot and the not-so-great songs hinder and at times even irritate. Still, SKETCH is watchable, because the way the climax changes the entire game for the film needs to be seen.

    I thought I wasn't going to have a very great time finishing the movie, I was taken by surprise, by the entire climax episode. I really loved all the action scenes, Vikram's performance, and the common usage of "slow motion" during the action, apart from the entire interval sequence. I also loved how the director brought up themes of friendship into the plot but also got disappointed by the way the unwanted romantic subplot was inserted, undoubtedly, as a commercial compromise.

    Except the very first song, I didn't like any other much and even skipped most of them. While the first half is saved only by Vikram, the action and the interval episode, the second half, which raises expectations as we all know the basic storyline, turns the viewer down when songs start to pop out of nowhere. SKETCH deviates, and seriously without these songs and romance, it would have been an extraordinary action thriller.

    Some more "sketching" was needed and it would have really turned SKETCH into a masterpiece.
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    • Author: Freighton
    After the Movie "I" this is the Best Movie for Vikram.
  • Credited cast:
    Vikram Vikram - Sketch
    Tamannaah Bhatia Tamannaah Bhatia
    Sriman Sriman
    Soori Soori
    Vishwanath Vishwanath - (as Visvanth)
    Vela Ramamoorthy Vela Ramamoorthy
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Akila Akila
    Arasu Arasu
    Archana Archana
    Azhwar Azhwar
    Baburaj Baburaj
    Bernot Bernot
    David David
    Rama Doss Rama Doss
    Elango Elango
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