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A young musician with a talent for all things electrical spies on his sexy neighbor with a penchant for skinny dipping in the pool in broad daylight and her obviously violent husband. He is so violent that in the opening sequence he murders a man for talking with his mouth full of food. As the soft-core sex film advances, she gets involved sexually with the much younger man, all the while luring him into a trap involving the murder of her husband.

Lisa Rhoden, who never read for the part, never played the part, and has absolutely nothing to do with the film, is nevertheless credited as Holly. It is believed that the credits were prepared with reference to an old casting sheet or potential talent listing from the film's pre-production period.

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    • Author: inetserfer
    Probably the most unusual of the Tanya Roberts "erotic thrillers," "Deep Down" is more a quirky character study and portrait of desperation and deception in low-income housing than anything usually found in your standard-issue, made- for-video potboiler. Essentially an electronic "Rear Window" set in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley, it's certainly a far cry from the cheapo crap ("Sins of Desire," "Night Eyes") for which the fallen Charlie's Angel is known, and occasionally seems to actually be saying something about voyeurism and violence.

    From the unnecessary flashbacks and strained sexuality, the "erotic" aspect, in fact, seems almost to have been tacked on. It's as if soft-core queen Roberts and/or shady exploitation producers got their paws on a decent, Hitchcockian- type mystery/thriller story, and decided to turn it into a typically sleezy "Sins of Desire"-type trash entertainment.

    If that's what happened here, it's too bad. Because even though this film may not be great, the basic concept certainly had potential -- most notably in the electronic voyeurism angle. Also interesting is the odd relationship between the wannabe musician who falls for Roberts (Chris Young), and his roommate-from- hell (overactor Kristoffer Tabori).

    Other casting decisions aren't as successful. Aging '70s actor George Segal is completely miscast as the heavy -- a violent, gun-obsessed older guy married to Roberts; other parts are filled out by veteran actors who have seen better days and better films.

    Roberts does her usual raspy-voiced attempt at acting (though is more neurotic and affected than usual) playing the supposedly sultry femme fatale who lives next door -- but (disastrously) sports a dikey, peroxide-blonde hairdo, and is utterly devoid of sexuality or sympathy of any kind.

    Music is of the lame, synthesized "Body Heat" variety, while the flat lighting and uninspired camerawork give no sense of the claustrophobic, low-rent apartment environment, or the sweltering summer heat that is spoken of but never felt.

    A few potentially dramatic scenes seem to have been sabotaged by bad editing. Nonexistent production values lend the movie the unmistakable look of an ultra- low budget, straight-to-video-hell cheapie.

    The story itself contains some interesting twists and turns -- but the real mystery is why a 20-something dude would be attracted to a 40+ spinster like Roberts in the first place. Perhaps if someone sexy or voluptuous -- even another B- actress like Shannon Tweed -- had played the part, the film might have worked; at least the premise would have made sense. Still, worth a look if it ever pops up again on Cinemax.
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    • Author: Vishura
    Deep Down is described as an erotic thriller, but it really is two steps from soft core porn. It also gives actors like George Segal and Kristoffer Tabori a chance to go over the top with some outrageous overacting. They also overact because there's no direction whatsoever.

    Segal is married to the beautiful Tanya Roberts and besides being insanely jealous he also is a candidate for the loony bin. What's driving him nuts is the way in their little bungalow complex she takes her nightly swims in the pool in the buff.

    You think she's trying to get some attention? The inevitable happens as young unemployed musician Chris Young who has moved in with neighbor Kristoffer Tabori starts thinking with his male member. Since he's an electronics wiz as well he sets up surveillance in the Segal/Roberts dwelling lest his Guinevere get a beat down from her King Arthur.

    Some erotic scenes with Young and Roberts are there for the prurient. But we know that Segal, Tabori, and Roberts have all done better.
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    • Author: TheSuspect
    I wanted to like this movie as it's one of the few Tanya Roberts films that tries to be something more than just an excuse for T&A scenes. This is shown by the serious and dark tone of the story and casting you might not normally expect, with the presence of actors like George Segal and Chris Young (from the movie PCU), as well as cameos by James Farentino and Paul LeMatt. Interesting and surprising in many ways, the film ultimately doesn't deliver, ending up a promising "could have been".
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    • Author: Hadadel
    Since the script for this film was a runner up in the Nichol Fellowship in Screenwriting Competition (among eight chosen from 2,888 entries), it's too bad that the production values do not match the caliber of the writing. The film, however, should not go to waste for this; there are many lessons to be learned. Clearly, for example, aspiring writers and directors will want to avoid the producers of the film, who no doubt turned a good script into a rather raunchy Tanya Roberts fan club flick. It shows what Hollywood can do to good work. There are other lessons to be gleaned: the dialogue and character development do shine through, which is probably why the film won't work for those interested only in seeing Tanya in the raw. The film straddles the offbeat and the soft porn, probably to the point of turning off both of their respective audiences. The film is also a good study for aspiring writers and directors on creating a script for a low-budget first film.
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    • Author: Whitebinder
    This movie is so bad that reading this review is a waste of time. There is absolutely nothing to recommend this movie. I rented it because of Tanya Roberts and I figured at least I would get to see plenty of her. Wrong. Don't bother to watch it and don't even try to remember this review.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    George Segal George Segal - Gil
    Judith Scarpone Judith Scarpone - Waitress #1
    Roderick Thorp Roderick Thorp - Cook (as Roderick Spencer)
    Chris Young Chris Young - Andy
    Kathryn Atwood Kathryn Atwood - Waitress #2
    Mathew Valencia Mathew Valencia - Boy
    Lisa Rhoden Lisa Rhoden - Holly
    Kristoffer Tabori Kristoffer Tabori - Craig
    Tanya Roberts Tanya Roberts - Charlotte
    Paul Le Mat Paul Le Mat - Ray
    Mario Montufar Mario Montufar - Store Clerk
    Geoffrey Tozer Geoffrey Tozer - Stooge #1
    David Andriole David Andriole - Stooge #2
    Mark Anthony Little Mark Anthony Little - Stooge #3
    John Morrissey John Morrissey - Detective
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