» » Jeogeulleoseu Episode #1.1 (2017– )

Short summary

In an art gallery, a well-dressed young woman stands in front of a painting of a juggling woman. The man next to her says that the artist, Georges Rouault, was known for his fascination with the circus. He continues that the juggler's expression looks relaxed and joyful, but the woman disagrees. She says that to her, the woman seems as if she's suffering from great pain, having to juggle so many balls with only two hands. She gives the man a triumphant smile, and thinks to herself that she won't have to spend her twenty-ninth birthday alone. On her birthday, her boyfriend takes Yoon-yi to a hotel for an intimate getaway. He struggles to undo her blouse and accidentally rips off a button. It flies through the air, and they both cringe when it lands on her phone just as it rings with another call from the demanding boss. The next morning, Yoon-yi is a mess as she rushes to work, half undressed and with wet hair. All over the city, women race around madly as Yoon-yi narrates that for ...

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