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Coley Claybourne is a young boy whose father's a prospector who spent all of his time looking for gold that he didn't know or care that his other son was sick. His wife would get fed up, left him and took their son and daughter with her. Coley would come to town looking for help but everyone even his father's cousin, Caleb, shuns him away cause his father has been borrowing so much from him that they don't want to help him. Getting fed up with what they are saying about his father, he shows them the gold he and his father found. He also says that his father died. Hoss tells him that his father's will names, Caleb, a judge and Ben as executors. Till Ben comes back, Hoss has him stay at the Ponderosa. Caleb is approached by someone who wants him to get Coley to let him work the mine. Eventually Ben comes back and just as he and the other executors are about to discuss Coley's situation, his mother returns saying she came back for Coley. Caleb says she's after the mine.

Originally a Japanese legend, the title refers to the three monkeys who "See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil".

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    • Author: Faugami
    Young Kevin Burchett whose mom and siblings left him and his dad some years ago is as wanted as his father was. The kind of man who avoid because you know he's looking to put the bite on you. But the young man comes to Virginia City with two news items. Firstly his father is dead and secondly they've hit on one big gold strike. Now everyone wants to be his friend.

    A will provided for Burchett's guardianship with three executors to decide. Lorne Greene, Judge Chick Chandler, and a cousin of the deceased Dana Elcar. Burchett's mom Patricia Smith has returned to make her case as well. Let's say a lot of people have agendas.

    This particular Bonanza story has some elements based in the guardianship issue of young Charles Foster Kane and the real life guardianship of young William Randolph Hearst. I think those fans of Citizen Kane will see the parallels right away.

    A nice cast presents a nice story about family love and conflicting agendas.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Lorne Greene Lorne Greene - Ben Cartwright
    Dan Blocker Dan Blocker - Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright
    Michael Landon Michael Landon - Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright
    Patricia Smith Patricia Smith - Margaret Claybourne
    Dana Elcar Dana Elcar - Caleb Milton
    Chick Chandler Chick Chandler - Judge Butler
    David Canary David Canary - Candy Canaday
    Ed Bakey Ed Bakey - Louby Sains
    Debbie Smaller Debbie Smaller - Beth Claybourne
    Ed Peck Ed Peck - Pollard
    Charles Thompson Charles Thompson - Claude (as Charles P. Thompson)
    Gregg Palmer Gregg Palmer - Terrell
    Kevin Burchett Kevin Burchett - Coley Claybourne
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