» » Amantes de Luna Llena Episode #1.29 (2000–2002)

Short summary

Camila gets a nasty shock when she meets Chocolate's boyfriend. Lucho and Renata's intimate problems resume. Facundo proposes to Perla, but also gets on with Sol. Alejandro and Valentina's marriage is on the rocks. Camila seeks comfort in Rubén. Abril and Cristóbal seem to be very much in love. Siete is jealous and Ximena invites him to go to the movies.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Ruddy Rodríguez Ruddy Rodríguez - Camila Rigores
Diego Bertie Diego Bertie - Simón Luna
Astrid Carolina Herrera Astrid Carolina Herrera - Perla Mujíca (La Perla)
Carlos Mata Carlos Mata - Alejandro Linares
Gaby Espino Gaby Espino - Abril Cárdenas
Juan Carlos Vivas Juan Carlos Vivas - El Siete
Nohely Arteaga Nohely Arteaga - Micaela Lugo
Rosalinda Serfaty Rosalinda Serfaty - Valentina de Linares
Daniel Alvarado Daniel Alvarado - Antonio Calcaño (Tony)
Fabiola Colmenares Fabiola Colmenares - María Celeste de Sucre (La Vikinga)
Pablo Martín Pablo Martín - Rubén Sucre
Aroldo Betancourt Aroldo Betancourt - Facundo Montoya
Beatriz Valdés Beatriz Valdés - Sol de Rigores
Jorge Cao Jorge Cao - León Rigores
Ana Karina Manco Ana Karina Manco - Chocolate
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