» » Cease Fire (2015)

Short summary

Amongst the hell of World War I, a temporary cease fire has been issued causing both the Germans and American troops to work together or starve. James Winston, a seasoned veteran, finds his fellow comrade injured on the outskirts of no mans land. In order to save his life, Winston must seek out help with the most unlikely individual, a stern German soldier named Hans Stucher.

Credited cast:
Jason Caplin Jason Caplin - Extra
Nicholas A. Goldreich Nicholas A. Goldreich - James Winston
Jesse O'Neill Jesse O'Neill - Jeff Ford
Richard Remppel Richard Remppel - Hans Schuster
Connor Ross Connor Ross - George Talbert
Joshua Santana Joshua Santana - Lieutenant Faramore
Damian Stellabot Damian Stellabot - Extra
Nick Unger Nick Unger - Charles Higgins
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