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A Sniper Elite must destroy the Nazi organization and kill the Führer, Hitler.

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    • Author: Cozius
    I was looking for a stealth game to play and I ran across the Sniper Elite series. My friend had a copy of this game and let me borrow it. I finished the first four levels and now I'm stuck on the fifth level in a continuous glitch that won't let me play because I "Alerted the Officers". Oh and It only took me two days to get passed four levels! (Albeit I play five hours a day but still). At some moments in the game it won't let me fire the rifle because something is in the way. Whenever I'm running and I want to stop, he keeps running for another half a second! The maps are just completely atrocious. They are so linear and so boring. And don't even get me started on the main characters voice acting. He sounds like he just woke up from a hangover and is reading without his glasses on. I am never playing this game. Please don't buy this horrible game. From: Someone that Cares.
  • Cast overview:
    Tom Clarke Hill Tom Clarke Hill - Karl Fairburne (voice)
    Klemens Koehring Klemens Koehring - Brauer / Vahlen / German Soldiers (voice)
    Daniel Alexander Daniel Alexander - German Soldiers (voice)
    Giovanni Noto Giovanni Noto - Italian Soldiers (voice)
    Fernando Tiberini Fernando Tiberini - Italian Soldiers (voice)
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