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    • Author: Rleyistr
    I'm glad I caught this one night. This is fresh and totally original, and more so unexpected. I know winners, when I see em', and this is a winner. The laugh count is high, in this comedy, focusing on the lives of an Islamic family, who live in riches, on the south side harbor of Sydney, around Rushcutters, Double Bay, streets I'm very familiar with. Of course, we expect them to clash with the neighbors, but this interaction, makes the much more interesting, especially when Aussie Mum, takes a shine to the Islamic breadwinner, and does the son too. The situations and gags, which result in comic crack up moments, are smartly devised. Too, the Habibs are very likable, especially the son, where the daughter is hot. Comedy as funny as this, warrants viewer demands, where I hope the Habibs, are around for many years yet.
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Helen Dallimore Helen Dallimore - Olivia O'Neill
    Darren Gilshenan Darren Gilshenan - Jack O'Neill
    Georgia Flood Georgia Flood - Madison O'Neill
    Michael Denkha Michael Denkha - Fou Fou Habib
    Camilla Ah Kin Camilla Ah Kin - Mariam Habib
    Sam Alhaje Sam Alhaje - Toufic Habib
    Tyler De Nawi Tyler De Nawi - Elias Habib
    Kat Hoyos Kat Hoyos - Layla Habib
    Rob Shehadie Rob Shehadie - Jahesh
    Tahir Bilgic Tahir Bilgic - Mustafa
    Pippa Grandison Pippa Grandison - Anthea
    Felix Williamson Felix Williamson - Lawrence
    Jerome Velinsky Jerome Velinsky - Hassim
    Libby Asciak Libby Asciak - Alisha
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