» » Aurora de esperanza (1937)

Short summary

When returning from holidays with his family, a worker is fired. After a hard search of work, Juan feels disappointed and acquires a certain social restlessness. His wife, Marta, is forced to accept a humiliating job in order to feed her children. Juan reacts by sending Mata and their kids to a little village, while he wanders around Barcelona. Outraged by the conformism of the people, Juan assembles a rally, while organizing a Hunger March among the unemployed. When he goes with his colleagues to protest before the authorities, and precisely when he passes through the village where his family is, the revolution breaks out. Juan takes a riffle with the others and they all march forward, hoping that a better future will dawn.

Cast overview:
Félix de Pomés Félix de Pomés - Juan (as Felix de Pomes)
Enriqueta Soler Enriqueta Soler - Marta
Román González 'Chispita' Román González 'Chispita' - Antoñito (as 'Chispita')
Ana María Campoy Ana María Campoy - Pilarin (as Ana Ma Campoy)
Pilar Torres Pilar Torres - Tanguista
José Sanchíz José Sanchíz
Gregoria Millán Gregoria Millán
Juana Mansó Juana Mansó
Modesto Cid Modesto Cid
Salvador Arnaldo Salvador Arnaldo
Ernesto Campoy Ernesto Campoy
Alfredo Hornos Alfredo Hornos
Eduardo Blanca Eduardo Blanca
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