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The school's 'play camp' proves a stressed event. For Declan because his ma steps in for unavailable staff, for Zeke and Sunny because she still can't make up her mind about kissing but is pushed by Donna to 'get it over with' in real life, which a truth or dare game makes possible. For Dan it's handling yet another play rewrite, for the author Steve's failed attempt to retrieve it from his ex, for her reading that bitter content after all.

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    • Author: Delaath
    The Toadie/Steph plot is actually pretty good here and it's nice that someone on the writing staff finally seems to have realised that Greg's a prize jerk:His attitude towards Toadie suggests that his and Steph's days as a couple are numbered.Toadie's handling of the situation ultimately works well although his decision to employ Steve to steal the script back is somewhat curious.Nice directorial touches with the use of slow motion and voice over "think" tracks.

    The other plot line centres around the teens going on camp.Rebecca is annoying chirpy and seems to have done something strange to her hair and Karl was presumably just out of shot the whole time.Ringo, unfortunately, is back to acting like a jerk which is a shame since his and Donna's relationship did seem to be brought to a premature end. Kyle, pleasingly, is still around and treated as part of the group with even Ringo noting how gay he and Zeke are these days.Zeke and Sunny's closing scenes in the cleaning cupboard are comedy gold.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Carla Bonner Carla Bonner - Stephanie Hoyland
    Blake O'Leary Blake O'Leary - Ben Kirk (credit only)
    Brett Tucker Brett Tucker - Daniel Fitzgerald
    Jacob Brito Jacob Brito - Charlie Hoyland (credit only)
    Ryan Moloney Ryan Moloney - Toadfish Rebecchi
    Scott Major Scott Major - Lucas Fitzgerald (credit only)
    Morgan Baker Morgan Baker - Callum Jones (credit only)
    Steve Bastoni Steve Bastoni - Steve Parker
    Fletcher O'Leary Fletcher O'Leary - Mickey Gannon (credit only)
    Eloise Mignon Eloise Mignon - Bridget Parker
    Jane Hall Jane Hall - Rebecca Napier
    James Sorensen James Sorensen - Declan Napier
    Margot Robbie Margot Robbie - Donna Freedman
    Stefan Dennis Stefan Dennis - Paul Robinson (credit only)
    Matthew Werkmeister Matthew Werkmeister - Zeke Kinski
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