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Recent stories, fears and oblivion seen through a metaphor. A 30-passenger convoy vanishes in the closed circuit of the Buenos Aires underground system. Research will be initiated towards finding the cause of this dematerialization. A young topologist (surfaces mathematician) leads the investigation based on some lost maps and technical data sheets. He cannot find the whereabouts of the old scientist who designed the intricate weft of the subway web, until the unexpected aid from a young girl will ease the obtention of the first clues. Everyting seems to be futile, but a random event that will risk his life gets him into an impossible train, were he will face up the amazing final revelation.

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    • Author: Pringles
    Moebius is an example of what you can do with a low-budget (less than 250,000 $) film. It´s a great movie made by the students of the Universidad del Cine. I think it´s great for some reasons: first because these students had the courage to shot a sci-fi movie in Argentina, that involves many risks, such as never be shown in any cinema, or never finishing it because of subsidy problems (in my country these ones go to the titles that are seen by the major quantity of people, and not to the ones that are better). Second, because the plot makes you stay until the end of the movie and it´s one of the most original plots I´ve ever seen. Finally, because it´s not an improvised film; all the details of it were revised very carefully, and I can´t see any technical errors (that are common in other low-budget movies). I rate Moebius with an 8 out of 10.
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    • Author: Bloodray
    Perfectly balanced , well directed , great cast. A must see. A true example of what can be found beyond main stream. A psych-suspense , almost thriller like script , that leaves the viewer the choice of building his own barrier , at the point where each of us believes fiction ends and reality starts and vice versa. It takes place in Buenos Aires , but it's NOT local at all ,but rather Universal , it could be happening anywhere in the world . Extremely believable , tension increases as the story develops .It's refreshing to learn that this movie was made with only 3% of the average cost of a Hollywood production . Another indisputable proof that Talent is enough , regardless of the amounts of cash available to expend. Watch it , it worths every inch of celluloid , and every minute of your time
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    • Author: Danial
    Just saw this and on balance thought it was a very good and unique film. Would like to add that the cinematography and lighting are excellent, and the locations chosen are amazing. The atmosphere created by these two things alone made me enjoy the film - I could pretty much forgive the strange storyline. This is coming from someone who loved "Pi" and "Primer" - good scifi must have plausible science and in my opinion, and this is where "Moebius" fell short.

    Subterranean Buenos Aires is an interesting and probably challenging place to shoot a film - but these students pulled it off admirably. There are some clever camera angles and tracking shots, and what looks like some post-production that brings some rich colours to the film.

    Recommended as an unconventional sci-fi, in an unconventional time and place.
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    • Author: Westened
    I know I enjoyed this when it first came out, but I had entirely forgotten how well-made it is. In the screenwriter's own words, "Moebius" is the perfect machine. The light! The colors! The tracking shots! The sound design! The director general's giant glass-topped table! Combined with the bold proposition of an architect chasing a wayward train lost in the underground maze that is the subway system of Buenos Aires, the director's attention to detail makes for a holistically surreal experience. One guy who's sure to give you the creeps is the ancient, wailing lift boy taking our hero, Daniel Pratt, down to the university basement. Needless to say, the basement doubles as a subway station. On a forgotten line. Heading nowhere. As Pratt says, it's a strange game. Now Annabel Levy, in the part of his preteen sidekick Abril, I wonder what she's up to these days. It seems she hasn't made a movie since. Chances are she disappeared from the set, never to be met with again. What a shame.
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    • Author: Groll
    I saw this film at the New Directors/New Films festival in New York a couple of years ago. I've never seen anything quite like it! It's not quite science-fiction, yet it's as off-the-wall and fantastic as any conventional sci-fi flick. You know you're in for a new type of experience when a film's hero is the practitioner of an obscure branch of mathematics.

    Any description of the plot would only diminish it. It's astonishing to think that this was basically a student project. Someone has to get this film released onto videotape fast, so that more people can get the opportunity to enjoy its metaphysical pleasures....
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    • Author: nadness
    In my opinion it's an excellent movie. It's an experimental movie filmed by Universidad del Cine (University of cinema). It's an unreal story, but very interesting, because a complete train disappeared with no trace! A mathematician has to explain what has happened, and, of course, nobody believes him (Insurance company, governor's representative, etc.) Finally he tries to explain it with Moebius theory. The problem, seemed to be that the train has been circulating over the rails, but very fast, so nobody can see it, and what is more, people inside that train neither! Roberto Carnaghi (one of the actors) is a great Argentinean actor. The movie is based on a book, but I haven't read it yet. I truly recommend it, if you have the chance, please see it.
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    • Author: Voodoogore
    A university math professor with a cinic vision of reality faces a mystery previously investigated by his mentor. In a not so futuristic Buenos Aires (absolutely real, with the size of NY and a huge subway system), Pratt begins a rational search of a lost passenger subway car; only to discover that maybe was always there.....

    With an oppressive atmosphere, and without any of the obvious twist in the script that are usually seen in this kind of sci fiction films; Moebius rises as the most believable and interesting picture modern Argentine cinema offered recently.

    It's Gothic surroundings, the familiar places (for everyone) that slowly transforms into a mysterious gate for the unknown; drives you gently but with fear to the answer: reality is not what it seems.

    Made by film students, it's a great script and a surprising movie; the resolution may seem somewhat sudden and unfinished, but leaves a sense of possibilities (would you make the same decision than Pratt at the end??). It's a must be seen Argentine movie, not an extraordinary one, but any movie that leaves you the impression of having read and excellent suspense book (specially if you did it by night) is worth the effort.
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    • Author: Hinewen
    Moebius, the movie, has been around for a while now, and has a very good reputation. But this movie is definitely overrated. Though the pitch is very good, it suffers from various flaws that spoil the quality of the movie. First, the plot is obscure and is sometimes hard to follow. Mosquera chose to deal with the desaparecidos issue. It is a very sensitive issue in Argentina and therefore it is courageous of him. But he had room for criticism and his approach of this subject is rather cold. He could have chosen to insist on the political aspect of his movie but instead he chose to develop the dry philosophical/Borges side of it. And this side is not enhanced by the rhythm of the movie which is particularly jerky between underground scenes and outdoors scenes. It would have deserved more fluidity and even spinning to deal with that moebius strip issue. On that point, that choice seems incoherent. Next point the characters, they are cartoons. They act most of the time on one single level whereas we could have expected more subtility. For example, the subway's director is an impulsive, grotesque, slow-thinking character. Would you really expect that from the director of the subway of Buenos Aires? The only character who keeps her mystery is the one of the young girl, the others are only stereotypes. Finally, it lacks poetry and sensibility. Los desaparecidos, the nostalgia floating around, the young girl could have induced more emotion and it is, to my mind, the main failure of that movie. You never feel concerned by the characters or the story. Nevertheless, some interesting points can be stressed. Regarding the budget and the crew this film is rather good and moreover the light used creates a very interesting claustrophobic atmosphere. Finally, the idea would have deserved a better treatment. It is a shame.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Guillermo Angelelli Guillermo Angelelli - Daniel Pratt
    Roberto Carnaghi Roberto Carnaghi - Marcos Blasi
    Annabella Levy Annabella Levy - Abril (as Anabella Levy)
    Jorge Petraglia Jorge Petraglia - Mistein
    Miguel Ángel Paludi Miguel Ángel Paludi - Aguirre
    Fernando Llosa Fernando Llosa - Nazar
    Martín Adjemián Martín Adjemián - Canotti
    Daniel Di Biase Daniel Di Biase - Kenn (as Daniel Dibiase)
    Jean Pierre Reguerraz Jean Pierre Reguerraz - Deckes
    Martín Pavlovsky Martín Pavlovsky - Conductor 101
    Felipe Méndez Felipe Méndez - Jefe de Trasbordos
    Fernando Cia Fernando Cia - Figas
    Osvaldo Santoro Osvaldo Santoro - Vega
    Horacio Roca Horacio Roca - Edmundo
    Nora Zinski Nora Zinski - Profesora (as Nora Zinsky)
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