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    • Author: Mr Freeman
    One of Dilip Kumar's early hits with Kamini Kaushal.An action-comedy with a flawed plot contrived from the English Stewart Granger movie 'Caravan'.Dilip shows a fine flair for comedy which sadly was not exploited more until he reached middle-age.The script and music are dated though the duet'kismat mein bicharana tha' is still enduring.The direction is good but the muddled story,song after meaningless song ruins the excellent tempo set from the start.It could have been better but we must remember that this kind of escapism was contrived with the 1949 public in mind.Dilip's style has been copied by many since this film, not the least his hair style which makes him stand out like a beacon in a storm!
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    • Author: Tekasa
    this film starred dilip kumar. kamini kaushal . paro . jeevan . mubarak and cuckoo. lilting music was provided by s.d.burman..the film was made under the banner of filmistan...dilip kumar and kamini kaushal were at the heyday of not only their careers but of their romance as well!! dilip kumar had a very different role compared to his previous films like jugnu, shaheed, nadiya ke paar , mela which had tragic endings but in this film he played a role of a tramp and a gypsy and danced in several gypsy songs however not with the heroine but with the vamp paro..the film was a major hit
  • Complete credited cast:
    Dilip Kumar Dilip Kumar - Manoj
    Shyama Shyama
    Cuckoo Cuckoo
    Mubarak Mubarak
    Rajender Singh Rajender Singh
    Haroon Haroon
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Jeevan Jeevan - Zamindar
    Kamini Kaushal Kamini Kaushal - Shanti
    Paro Paro - Gypsy Girl
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