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The weekend concludes with "The Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Rey vs. Ayako Hamada, Portia Perez puts her claim of being the best woman wrestler on the line against GAMI, Manami Toyota leads... See full summary
The weekend concludes with "The Queen of Wrestling" Sara Del Rey vs. Ayako Hamada, Portia Perez puts her claim of being the best woman wrestler on the line against GAMI, Manami Toyota leads her team of Hanako Nakamori and Sawako Shimono into battle against Aja Kong, Mio Shirai and Tsubasa Kuragaki, Toshie Uematsu teams with the demons and goblin of the Batiri against Cherry and the ants of the Colony, and more.

The show was supposed to have started with the Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield and Sugar Dunkerton (Jamar Wilson)) vs. Los Ice Creams (Ice Cream Jr. and El Hijo del Ice Cream), but Sugar was not there for some unannounced reason. Names were drawn from a hat for a replacement partner for Dasher. Kwang (Savio Vega (Juan Rivera)'s masked ninja gimmick from 1994-1995 WWE) was drawn and he was not there. References to Kwang and/or Max Moon (Paul Diamond) are a running gag in CHIKARA. Then they drew Kelly Kelly (Barbie Blank), who was not there. Then they drew Saturyne's (Tamara McNeill) name, who was there, though someone in the crowd asked, "Perry Saturn?" This was Saturyne's surprise CHIKARA debut and only her second match ever.

When Saturyne tags in to the match, the announcers say, "Is Taz here, because the mood just changed?" One of Taz (Peter Senerchia)'s catchphrases during his active wrestling career was, "The mood is about to change!"

The crowd booed when Kelly Kelly's name was drawn.

Gavin Loudspeaker (Jack Dourakos) announced Toshie Uematsu over all three shows as "The Dark Demon of Joshi," and, on this night, she teamed with CHIKARA's own demons (and one goblin, Kobald) the Batiri, even wearing Obariyon (Chris Estrada) and Kodama (Louie Rodriguez)-styled face paint.

The UltraMantis Black-Brodie Lee (Jon Huber) match was supposed to have taken place during the 12 Large: Summit, the round-robin tournament to crown the inaugural CHIKARA Grand Champion, but Brodie had been sidelined due to an injury.

During the UltraMantis Black-Brodie Lee match, commentators Leonard F. Chikarason (Joseph R. Sposto) and Gavin Loudspeaker talk about how Mantis is "devious, he's underhanded, but still the fans love him. Brodie Lee is just rotten and mean." They say that Brodie has "no redeeming qualities." Then Chikarason says, "Well, his fiancée's kinda nice." Jon "Brodie Lee"/"Luke Harper" Huber is married to Synndy (aka Synndy Synn), a former valet/manager turned wrestler who competed from 2004 to 2007 for NWA Upstate (Rochester, New York), New England Championship Wrestling (Massachusetts), the Pure Wrestling Association (Ontario, Canada) and NWA Empire (Buffalo, New York).

Sara Del Rey (Sara Amato) is the only competitor who won all three of her matches that weekend. She defeated Aja Kong on Night I, Tsubasa Kuragaki on Night II and Ayako Hamada on Night III.

"Reference to Jefferson Starship" is listed as a keyword because, when Gavin Loudspeaker (Jack Dourakos) is introducing his song "Jumping Bomb Angels," he says that they are in New York, "which is my city, and we built this city on rock and roll," quoting Starship's 1985 hit "We Built This City." The song itself is a tribute to Japanese women's wrestling, particularly the 1980s team of the same name (Noriyo Tateno and Itsuki Yamazaki), as well as Bull Nakano ("Well Bulls run through your plans"), Jaguar Yokota ("Oh well a Jaguar in your hands"), the Crush Gals (Lioness Asuka (Raionesu Asuka) and Chigusa Nagayo) ("To Crush Girls on demand") and Asuka solo ("Oh well a Lioness in the sand.") Itsuki Yamazaki was there and accepted a bouquet of flowers from Gavin.

Credited cast:
Sara Amato Sara Amato - Sara Del Rey
Cherry Cherry - Herself
Jack Dourakos Jack Dourakos - Gavin Loudspeaker- announcer / commentator
El Hijo del Ice Cream El Hijo del Ice Cream - Himself - Los Ice Creams
Chris Estrada Chris Estrada - Obariyon- The Batiri
Jen Evans Jen Evans - Portia Perez (as Portia Perez)
Fire Ant Fire Ant - Himself - The Colony
Mikiko Futagami Mikiko Futagami - GAMI
Green Ant Green Ant - Himself - The Colony
Ayako Hamada Ayako Hamada - Herself
Dasher Hatfield Dasher Hatfield - Himself
Jon Huber Jon Huber - Brodie Lee
Ice Cream Jr. Ice Cream Jr. - Himself - Los Ice Creams
Kobald Kobald - Himself - The Batiri
Aja Kong Aja Kong - Herself
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