» » The Midnight Wedding (1914)

Short summary

Leopold, brother of the King of Savonia, is, in the absence of direct heirs, Crown Prince of the kingdom and heir to the throne. In face of the laws which declare that members of the royal family must only marry those of blood equal to their own, and without the knowledge of the King Leopold has wedded Stephanie, a beautiful peasant girl, and lives with her in a village in the hills whenever he is able to escape from the court. A year after the marriage he receives an urgent summons from Stephanie, and finds on reaching his mountain home, that a son has been born to him. The fact compels him to inform Stephanie that, by the laws of Savonia, their marriage is illegal and that the child can never be recognized as his heir and successor as ruler of Savonia. Paul grows to manhood in the mountains without knowing his father's name, but on her deathbed Stephanie tells him her unhappy story, and he learns that it is the Crown Prince Leopold who has broken her heart and deserted her at the ...

Cast overview:
Ernest G. Batley Ernest G. Batley - Paul Valmar
Ethel Bracewell Ethel Bracewell - Princess Astrea von Strelsburg
George Foley George Foley - Crown Prince Leopold
Joseph Del Lungo Joseph Del Lungo - Captain Rudolph von Scarsbruck
Ethyle Batley Ethyle Batley - Satanella
Alfred Lindsay Alfred Lindsay - Prince Eugene von Strelsburg
Winifred Dalby Winifred Dalby - Stephanie
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