» » The Guiding Light Episode #1.15099 (1952–2009)

Short summary

Jonathan's car plunges over the cliff and explodes into flames! Reva screams in agony over witnessing the death of her son and granddaughter. Alan also witnesses the burning car. At the police station, Frank attempts to calm Reva who is ready to attack Alan for his manipulations. Frank breaks the news that the fire was so fierce, no bodies could have survived. Lizzie learns that Sarah was also in the car and is disgusted with Alan. Lillian tries to comfort Lizzie. Lizzie admits to Lillian her part in the deaths of Tammy, Jonathan, and Sarah. Frank tells Mallet, Dinah, and Marina about Jonathan's accident and that Sarah also died. Marina refuses to take time off from work, she wants to get on with her life, Marina feels that is what Tammy would have wanted. Frank makes A.C. promise to watch after Marina. Alan tells Lizzie that if they stick together as a family, no one can touch them. In Alan's mind, he did nothing wrong! Frank arrives to take Alan down to the police station for ...

Episode credited cast:
Tom Pelphrey Tom Pelphrey - Jonathan Randall
Ron Raines Ron Raines - Alan Spaulding
Kim Zimmer Kim Zimmer - Reva Shayne
Tina Sloan Tina Sloan - Lillian Raines
Emme Rylan Emme Rylan - Lizzie Spaulding (as Marcy Rylan)
Frank Dicopoulos Frank Dicopoulos - Frank Cooper, Jr.
Mandy Bruno Bogue Mandy Bruno Bogue - Marina Cooper (as Mandy Bruno)
Justin Deas Justin Deas - Frank 'Buzz' Cooper, Sr.
Robert T. Bogue Robert T. Bogue - A.C. Mallet (as Rob Bogue)
Gina Tognoni Gina Tognoni - Dinah Marler
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Orlagh Cassidy Orlagh Cassidy - Doris Wolfe
Beth Chamberlin Beth Chamberlin - Beth Raines Spaulding
Brett Rigby Brett Rigby - Ernie Logan (credit only)
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