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When a couple of American young adults fly to Israel to visit the city of Jerusalem, a biblical nightmare falls upon them.
American best friends Rachel Klein and Sarah Pullman travel to Tel Aviv to have fun. On the flight, they meet Kevin Reed, who invites them to Jerusalem. They accept and check into a hostel owned by Omar. Sarah and Rachel date Kevin and Omar respectively, and they go to a nightclub together. When they return to the hostel, they find that Jerusalem is under siege, a curfew has been imposed, and no one can leave, as they're under attack by demons.

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The Yom Kippur war started on October 6th, 1973. It is still an open wound in collective Israeli memory, This fact adds a certain dramatic effect to the war against the demons depicted in the climax of the movie, which also takes place during Yom Kippur.

When Sarah is fighting the imaginary zombies, she uses a skyrim steel sword to impale a zombie.

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    • Author: Brariel
    Such a disappointment for a film that started so well. I liked the Google Glass POV concept - much more believable than lugging an open laptop or a video camera around, and the early glimpses of the bat-winged demons of the apocalypse was excellently done. The characters developed nicely, the acting was quite acceptable (despite Yon Tumarkin's wooden and unconvincing contribution), and Jerusalem beautifully shot.

    Just a pity that the director had to go and spoil that magnificent build-up by unaccountably jamming in ever single one of the most ridiculous found-footage and horror movie tropes you could think of.

    • The lunatic rescue mission to the darkened insane asylum (I kid you not!).

    • The cracked camera lense for that really cool disjointed and shattered film look.

    • The inexplicable insistence on dragging a bitten and obviously infected friend along with you.

    • The absurd crying and screaming in the dark and dangerous tunnels where silence is essential.

    Have these people never SEEN a horror movie before? It's like they're DETERMINED to die.

    I just couldn't make it to the end - giving up on the film after 15 minutes of unwatchable dark, broken footage as they crawled through the cave of the demon bat beasts. All I could think was "won't this mewling woman EVER shut up?". I do hope she got eaten.

    What a waste!
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    • Author: betelgeuze
    The most annoying thing about this movie is that it is filmed through "smart glasses" (they are basically google glasses) of the main character. Now, i personally love well done found-footage horror movies but this is just plain annoying. e.g. voice recognition turns on randomly and starts playing music during an intense scene... yeah, as stupid as is sounds, it happens.

    Until a good portion of the movie is over we learn absolutely nothing of interest to the main plot. And even after the movie we know so little about what actually happened.

    The plot goes like this: Two girls go on vacation in Jeruzalem. They have fun there and meet two nice guys. One of them starts having a bit of a bad feeling blah blah blah. Suddenly we see fighter jets bombarding the town and the a long long escape follows. All we know is that basically judgment day is about to happen. That's it.

    There are only very few monster encounters. All of them except one don't feel creepy one bit, unfortunately.

    I think the premise of the movie is decent but badly chosen first person view and a long hysteric escape makes this movie not really worth to watch.
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    • Author: Kendis
    This movie had so much potential. The premise was OK, if not just a bit too convoluted. And there wasn't very much explanation, so you're kind of disjointed. It was almost like there were two different directors for the first and second halves. It seemed to be going in the right direction, but then just went from bad to worse. I believe if they would have just killed off Sarah at the beginning of the movie, then things would have been alright. Every other character was likable,and not a douche like Sarah, but instead we had to suffer through the whole movie with this needy, snivelling, annoying, I'm gonna get everybody killed because that's what I do, character. I couldn't even enjoy the film because I had to fast-forward through all of her whining, self-righteous bull-crap. So that was pretty much the whole movie. Thanks a lot Sarah. If you can stand a character like that and have some time to kill, then go for it. Otherwise, don't regret it like I did, and find another movie.
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    • Author: Gaxaisvem
    This could have been a great movie. Yes, the synopsis might sound corny, but the potential was there for something dark, mysterious, subtle and of course creepy as hell. The Google Glass thing worked for me (although it might annoy some), as did movies in the same "genre" like CloverField and Creep. If you've been to Jerusalem, you'll get memories coming back at you during this movie. Lots of beautiful footage. Apart from that, the movie lost me with its inconsistencies, lack of balance, superficial take on the Jewish mythology and a storyline which was either gimmicky or not credible.

    From the start, we could feel the storyline was forced with the intro and the numerous signs that announced Jerusalem was going down with a boom. The visuals were nothing exceptional, and the Paz Brothers could've achieved much more with less demons. A giant? Really?

    The characters' action often left me bemused, with the IDF straying away from their mission to escort a girl in the asylum (not happening in real life, ever.) Omar killing himself (pretty pointless), the soldiers NOT shooting the demons, psycho-David hiding under a table... Also, it felt like the main character was either calling out names, crying or saying : "I'm sorry", which made her more annoying than anything else, although I suspect she hardly had any help from the script, which is nothing to write home about.

    The lost brother storyline added very little to the movie, beside getting a guy blowing his opportunity at getting head (pun intended), a crying scene and a funny joke at the Western Wall. It could have been easily left out, had it not intervene at the very end, in a manner that was simply uncalled for.

    Finallt, the movie left me asking for more, with an ending that wanted itself shocking, but fell short of the terror this movie was promising.
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    • Author: Use_Death
    Jeruzalem (2015) started off decently, and i will echo some of the other reviewers in saying that the footage of the city itself is beautiful (i really want to go to Jerusalem now!), but apart from the obviously pretty scenery, there isn't very much going on. the back-story is hinted at, the character development is sub-par (leaving the viewer unaffected by their happy/ sad fates), and the creatures/ demons look way more promising in the trailer than in the movie itself.

    All in all, the investment this movie demands is nominal, leaving me very 'meh' at the end. oh, the only response that sticks is annoyance at the main protagonist's stupidity (constant sobbing/ screaming type). Also, how long does it take someone to figure where to aim?!

    major disappointment. :/
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    • Author: Watikalate
    If I could give this a lower score, I would. The entire story is told from the viewpoint of a spoiled rich girl's google glass, in the vein of a "found footage" type format. Absolutely nothing to do with the story happens until about 47 minutes into the film. From the cheesy fake accents from "Indiana" to the cringe worthy dialogue, there is seriously absolutely nothing redeemable about this film. I stopped watching at one point because of how much I hated everything about this film and came back to it later to finish it.

    Save yourself the time and the headache, avoid this piece of crap film at all costs.
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    • Author: Thorgahuginn
    As a confirmed horror fan I can safely say I've seen hundreds (if not more) films of the genre,and believe me when I say I've seen some stinkers and this one is right up there. I would safely say anyone with half a brain and the same financial backing as this garbage had would have done way better. The Google Glass POV is a great idea I must admit,probably the only positive thing I could say about it, but that alone can't keep this total mess from falling apart. As for the so-called "Heroine"...the most annoying person,I couldn't possibly call her an actor,I've ever had the misfortune to watch. So do yourself a favor and steer clear.
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    • Author: Gashakar
    Two young American girls fly to Israel to visit TelAviv, on the plane they know Kevin and decide to stay in Jeruzalem. After some fun strange things start to happen.

    Well this is supposed to be a horror movie, but it's not, is far from that, it's strange, and it does not scar you, on the other hand it will probably annoy you and disappoint you.

    All the movie is seeing through Sarah special glasses , and the choice was bad at all levels, she's really annoying , always stupid choices, bad decisions and hysterical, OK I understand in stress you can make bad decisions, you can be nervous , but Sarah push all limits, you can try but you will not sympathize with her and by the way the acting is also not good.

    The idea behind the movie is not bad , but it ends in a bad movie . I feel i lost 85 minutes of my life watching this.
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    • Author: Anicasalar
    The American and best friends Rachel Klein (Yael Grobglas) and Sarah Pullman (Danielle Jadelyn) decide to travel to Tel Aviv to have fun. In the flight, they meet Kevin Reed (Yon Tumarkin) that invites them to go to Jerusalem. They accept the invitation and they check in the hostel of the local Omar (Tom Graziani). Sarah and Rachel date Kevin and Omar respectively and they go to a nightclub together. When they return to the hostel, they find that Jerusalem is under siege of the army and curfew and no one can leave the place that is under attack of demons.

    "Jeruzalem" is another cheap film with awful camera work and storyline. After the original "The Blair Witch Project", filmmakers have found this nasty way of making cheap and low quality films using the "found footage" genre instead of learning how to use a camera. The acting is annoying with countless stupid attitudes and situations. My vote is two.

    Title (Brazil): "Jeruzalem"
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    • Author: Survivors
    Regardless of one's faith, almost everyone can agree that Jerusalem possesses a strikingly beautiful view. Using it as the setting is already a surefire way to enhance visual and it's the best feature of "Jeruzalem". It also opts for smart glass gimmick which can be a nifty addition at times, however the first person endeavor in horror genre is a bland and tired one, a spectacle many others of its peer has done better.

    The magnificent environment pays dividend early on, it instantly produces more scenic atmosphere than other mockumentary. One can make a family video of the place and it would still look pretty captivating, but adding horror segment is another matter entirely. The on-screen characters are team of painstakingly predictable tourists and a couple of equally unremarkable locales.

    On the course of the trial, they will bump into stereotypical corny situations such as quarantine zone, giant monster appearing out of nowhere and "who's bitten" accusations. Nearly everything has been done before and in greater quality. A few of its original scenes are incredibly stupid, showing a mentally disturbed man running around in biblical costume, riding a bike or mumbling incoherently in close up or at precarious time.

    After the promise of the great city and its opening premonition scene, it utterly falls down in usual dark alleys, literally in caves with shaking motion. It's hard to form relationships with the characters since they often react over zealously or trying too hard to fit themselves in the mold of overused dramatization of horror genre. It becomes tiresome at the latter half rather than inspiring.

    The choice of vista is splendid, it might have been a nice ad for gadget too, but as far as horror goes, it's merely an average showing.
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    • Author: Twentyfirstfinger
    I'm not the biggest fan of found footage. But this movie actually has some very fine moments, though most of them come towards the end. There is your typical American student type of vacation seeking characters who are way in over their head. Also doing a lot of things wrong (you know the whole "don't go into that house" thing, where for no apparent reason at all people do actually go in ...).

    But then again, if you didn't have characters do stupid things, would we have a movie? Would there be evil that had to be succumbed? Probably not, but how does that help the viewer feeling anything for those characters? That's a tough one to answer and something only you can answer for yourself. If you can overlook the flaws there is a decent horror movie in there somewhere ...
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    • Author: Scream_I LOVE YOU
    Generally, enjoyed the movie. Has great potential. The storyline and concept of the movie are originally creative, interesting and pretty exciting. CGI is not bad. A visually well made movie. The ONLY con for me is the lead actress, Sarah. Her constant whiny nature seriously irritates me to no end and drives me toward the crying wall-pun intended. If they can tighten the acting and hasten the urgency, the movie would have had scored. I gave it a 6 cos it's a pretty good movie; I was annoyed by the acting but was not bored. Kept me interested throughout. Very good scenic look into the sacred city. This is kinda like Blair Witch Project on weed (chill mode) but done with wearable i-Lens. Shalom!
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    • Author: Bajinn
    The thing that bother me the most about this movie is the main character. Throughout the movie I wanted the main character Sarah to be killed off. I was so happy what happened at the end. Her constant crying, whining, yelling bothered me. Her acting was horrible. She did not make some moments in the film believable. Her dumb choices in the movie is what made me dislike her character. It's like she wanted to die. I like her best friend character and acting. She probably would of played the main character better. One more thing about the movie, it was not scary at all. There was not a moment in the film where it made me want to pee in my pants.
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    • Author: Chi
    First of all a sure fire sign a film sucks is when it's done in first person cam. So you know it's going to be as stupid as the decisions made by the one who has the cam.

    Secondly, when you have spoiled childish "nothing will ever happen to me" wealthy princesses who must have missed every article, movie, and documentary about "how to remain a safe female in a foreign country" then crappy stuff bound to happen sooner or later. I mean these girls choose to do all the things every guidebooks warns you not to do. You the viewer will spend a lot of time rolling your eyes and mumbling, "idiots" and "some one please steal this half-wit girl glasses cam and save us all".

    Thirdly, you have no sympathy for key characters because it all could have been avoided if they just went on the trip they planned they might have been lying on a beach somewhere. Why them, with with their promiscuous behavior wanted to go to the most religious city in the country to follow a stranger for a hookup will leave you shaking your head. What the hell was they thinking? To think these two young girls went to another country to go to a place you didn't research for your vacation and hook up with MEN, not some girls that could assure you a better chance of safety, but MEN they knew nothing about.

    These girls were doomed even if the gates of hell hadn't opened because of their own stupidity. I spent more time being frightened by their actions in a strange country at the beginning of the film, than I was by the demons that finally show up.

    Watch at your own waste of time and don't say I didn't warn you.
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    • Author: Rindyt
    First of all I think some reviews are a tad harsh! I thought the idea was good and the whole google glasses idea gave a point of view film with a bit more camera stability than the usual 'found footage' types. As mentioned in other reviews the shots of the city are excellent and I found the film to be well paced. Although not original the plot was a bit different to the usual horrors we now seem to get by the dozen (killer dolls, demented spirits etc) and although the baddies are demons it's still not too religious and preachy which I liked. Major problem here is Sarah. If you like sniffling, whining, wounded heart types then this is your girl! She also falls over........a lot. Why do horrors have to have the blubbering pathetic little women who grunts and sobs loudly when in situations of impending doom that require a little hush?! OK the film has faults but as a cheap frills, couple of hours to kill it's worth a try
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    • Author: Mejora
    The opening scene from this Israeli film is quite frightening, depicting as it does an eerie, brutal exorcism. What immediately follows, however, is more scary. 'You are stupid, but beautiful' intones the sinister proprietor of the hotel at which three young travellers – Rachel (Yael Grobglas) and Sarah (Danielle Jadelyn) (who refer to each other as 'bitch') and Kevin (Yon Tumarkin), the young man they immediately pick up, his good looks and charm influencing the girls to change their plans and travel to Jerusalem - are staying.

    After immediately mocking the superstitious locals, they make the acquaintance of Omar, a confidently westernised regional guide, after discovering their common interest is smoking weed. After all, they're young – this is what they DO.

    The found footage genre takes a lot of criticism, but I think it is an entirely legitimate way of telling a story, if it's done well. This is so reliant on that style that it plays like a computer game. The technology is impressive, but the plaything of the two girls is banal and irritating in comparison. The big American curses of typical 'f*** you, a*****e' and 'm*****-*****r' are slung about relentlessly with little regard as to how offensive to the locals such expletives are – but hey, that's okay, because the locals are portrayed as menial cretins. Much more discerning is the myriad of grinning faces, gurning 'hi' to whoever is watching or indulging in some (always unfulfilled) casual sex with others equally vacuous. Waiting for the monsters to come is an excruciating experience.

    Apart from the location, which is stunning and nicely shot, this is a trying film. The characters are stultifyingly stupid and irritating: giggling, horny, chirpy, shallow and banal. When the winged CGI-enhanced creatures come, their presence initially mistaken for a terrorist attack, they are seen and heard through a blur of 'ohmigods' and interruptive on screen 'webcam' digital distractions – rock music, message alerts and 'comedy' adverts. The attacks from the creatures is briefly effective, and things become exciting towards the end, but the dross you have to sit through to get to these moments makes it hardly worth your while.
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    • Author: Dianazius
    If you're into biblical history and know what they're referring to this could of been a good movie if it weren't for the the character Sarah, man this girl was SO annoying. I found myself angry cause of her..don't think I've seen a movie where a character made me mad so much. Now this is a movie they should remake with better actors and a better script, maybe ditch the googly glasses.. the whole found footage is over done these days. Wish they would maybe explain more of what they were referring to as the gates of hell, what nepholiam are and the whole story behind it. Because in my opinion that's something that hasn't been exploited by Hollywood yet.
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    • Author: Throw her heart
    There are some things that I would like to point out:

    1. Story. The story was good but there are some elements missing like how it all began and why does it happen so suddenly and what is the connection between the 3 religions and Sarah's brother to the events. also, a cliché. anyway, there are too many questions.

    2. Real life application. why would you join a stranger you met on an airplane? I mean seriously. The Main characters panic too much. The MC(Sarah) also is dumb like choosing feelings over safety and when you're supposed to be quiet to make it much more safe, you make a lot of noise instead. We all know that soldiers must protect the unarmed right? but they didn't do much. They won't even shoot.

    3. Characters and acting. The characters were okay. some of them are annoying especially the Sarah.

    4. Camera and effects. It was a POV or First person view which gave the audience a feeling of what it is like to experience those kind of events. The effects were a little bit of meh. There is a scene that looks like king kong or whatever. The monsters looks like ugly fairies with wings that only flies at the end. no one knows why.
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    • Author: Gagas
    Let me start out by saying this: I like the movie! I was a little impressed, I think it did fine, so if you decide to read more, this is from the point of view of a horror maniac that actually enjoyed Jeruzalem.

    The movie is a combination between World War Z, REC and Cloverfield, it succeed on every level, good plot, good acting, nice tension, fine scares, so I graded it a 7! If some find it too high, tough, and Buhuhu, I got pretty much all I expect from a horror. A worthy execution, a plot that thickens, and a direction that I did not expect.

    This year in January alone I've managed to put my eyes on some better horror productions, which gives me high hopes indeed! Let's see what else is out there.

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    • Author: Lestony
    The only reason I give this movie two stars instead of one is because the directors and writers had a good plot and good settings throughout the movie. The movie started out great and the concept was fantastic.

    The main character was terrible! She was an annoying character from the start when she chased the boy down the alley, fell down the stairs and just sat there whining. I had no sympathy for her the entire movie, especially when she insisted everyone stop heading to safety so she could rescue a guy she had just met. She is the idiot character that is supposed to die at the beginning of a horror film and instead they decided to make her the main character. If they had made her a smarter, savvier girl then this movie would have been fantastic.

    Warning: After the monsters show, all you can here is her whining and crying.
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    • Author: Eigonn
    Jeruzalem is a kind of found footage flick were things go awfully wrong when the underworld breaks free in Jeruzalem. It reminded me of flicks like Cloverfield (2008) and As Above So Below (2014).

    It take a while before the horror comes in so before that we do follow two girls who are on a trip together but do meet a guy and together they decide to go to Jerusalem. So the first part we do see them going out and visit Jerusalem. Of course they are out for sex and things all do work out fine until two fighterplanes are flying over Jerusalem and do drop a bomb.

    From that point things go wrong for the gang. Is it gory, not really it's pure suspense in a creepy atmosphere. It's all filmed from the smartglasses from one of the girls. When the demons do attack it's all a bit blurry and shaky but for me it did work out fine. But I can understand that some people aren't into those kind of horrors.

    A bit too much of sightseeing and partying going on in the beginning but once the attack starts it's okay. Maybe for some the Nephilim are a bit over the top but luckily they aren't the main thing.

    Worth seeing if you are into found footage flicks.

    Gore 1/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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    • Author: Anyshoun
    In my honest opinion everyone was great from the 2 sloppy soldiers to the lunatic roaming the streets all except the main character the actress that portrays her I feel wasn't in to the roll enough and the movie was very predictable back to the main character though she seemed to not have a lot of intelligence apart from how to say "fuck you assholes" and it really just drew away from the suspense and horror aspect and left a rather annoyed toned question of" really? Is that all you know how to say?" I was not impressed at all by the way they just threw everything together and to top it off this lady loses her glasses which are the only camera every 3 minutes and the tunnels are full of horrible graphics with not a lot of explanation all in all a shitty movie especially with the theme that could have been brilliant.
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    • Author: Orevise
    Please IMDb reader, do NOT watch this crap. I made an account just to write this review.

    Worst horror movie EVER. But, like, EVER.

    Don't waste your time.

    I rate it 1 star because there is a demon with a SWORD and GOOGLE GLASSES, and she can even fly.

    That's just OP.

    Otherwise, it should be 0 stars.

    But seriously, worst movie EVER.

    Seriously, go watch ANY other movie.

    Go watch the minions.

    It will be better. That's a promise.
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    • Author: Zainian
    I thoroughly enjoyed JeruZalem, it gave me what I wanted - scares, laughs, attractive actresses, a mysterious atmosphere, a bit of political commentary, plus some unexpected twists at the end.

    The highlight of JeruZalem is definitely the old city itself...the film makes great use of this location, and viewers of the film will get a top quality "night tour" of the old city, entering spooky maze-like alleys, hidden courtyards among the ancient stones...

    Also, the film realistically portrays the experience of two young female tourists looking for a good time on their vacation in reminded me of when I was young and visiting the same city many years ago (spoiler alert: these girls should have gone to Tel Aviv!)

    The entire film is seen through Google Glass. While enabling the story to be told in a certain way, it does distract and annoy at times with all the pop up screens and other features. On the bright side, the Google Glass does provide a couple of laughs (like when funny cat videos pop into the screen during a tense moment) and also the face recognition feature enables one of the creepy twists near the end of the film. But as I said, Google Glass can be an annoying distraction at times.

    My only real complaint about the film is the very brief and shallow explanation of what's going on and why. I guess the filmmakers didn't want to get bogged down in trying to explain all three Abrahamic religious traditions or trying to explain why the apocalypse is happening this particular year as opposed to a different year. The filmmakers keep it simple for those of us not familiar with religion: Jerusalem + God + hidden portal to hell = crazy stuff can happen at any time! And by keeping it simple, we can just focus on the action. However, if you're like me and you do know a bit about religion, you might be disappointed if you're expecting to see any religious teachings accurately, deeply or authentically dealt with.

    I can't finish my review of JeruZalem without mentioning "King David" --- my favorite character in the film, he's colorful and hilarious when you see him bursting into one scene riding a bicycle...his own "origin story" has a twist in it as well. I won't forget "King David"! Maybe it's because I met people like him when I visited Jerusalem many years ago!
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    • Author: Sudert
    My facetious title obviously indicates that I think a certain amount of plagiarism took place in this movie. The apocalypse movie This Is The End obviously inspired the script writer in this movie. The 200' tall demon walking around like Godzilla was copied for sure. There are other aspects as well but I won't list them.

    I think the idea for this movie is great. The apocalypse starting, demons attacking, the dead rising. Lore was established at the start with an explanation stating there is a gate in Jerusalem. Good stuff.

    So where did it go wrong? Many places. Keep in mind that even with all of these errors I still found this movie entertaining to watch, going into it expecting little.

    The acting is not very good. The character development is little leaving us to care little who lives or dies. The cgi is average, but acceptable. The overall story is average, perhaps lacking. What we are left with is a b-movie that has some entertainment value in it even with these shortcomings.

    One thing that I found particularly annoying is how dumb the protagonist is. She literally makes every possible poor judgement to the point that it's almost unbelievable how stupid this woman is. Going into a network of dark underground caverns during the apocalypse is about as smart as going into the insane asylum...I mean how do these seem like good ideas? Keeping you best friend around who is infected and undead even after she looks like a demon...seriously?!

    Knowing that this movie wasn't exactly Oscar worthy going into it kept my expectations low enough that this film was good enough to take up a few hours of my time on a Friday night. My advice, watch this one but expect little and you will find it good enough!
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Yael Grobglas Yael Grobglas - Rachel Klein
    Yon Tumarkin Yon Tumarkin - Kevin Reed
    Danielle Jadelyn Danielle Jadelyn - Sarah Pullman
    Tom Graziani Tom Graziani - Omar
    Sarel Piterman Sarel Piterman - Young Priest
    Howard Rypp Howard Rypp - Howard Pullman
    Ami Smolartchik Ami Smolartchik - Taxi driver (as Ami Smolarchik)
    Yoav Koresh Yoav Koresh - Yehuda
    Ori Zaltzman Ori Zaltzman - Tomer
    Fares Hananya Fares Hananya - Fauzi (as Fares Hanania)
    Itsko Yampulski Itsko Yampulski - David (as Itzko Yampolski)
    Mel Rosenberg Mel Rosenberg - Priest
    Danny Zahavi Danny Zahavi - David's Father (as Daniel Zahavi)
    Moran Zelma Moran Zelma - Resurrected Mom
    Salim Salim - Oud Playing Grandfather
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