» » Highway Patrol Blast Area Copter (1955–1959)

Short summary

Nervous and neurotic gunman Joe White robs a rural gas station and shoots the attendant. He commandeers a car driven by a woman named Marge, but the car soon runs out of gas and he compels Marge to travel with him on foot into a deserted area. They hide in a small shack, but Joe is unaware that the area is deserted because it has been heavily laden with explosives and cleared in preparation for a huge blasting project that is to take place that afternoon. Dan Mathews uses the Highway Patrol helicopter to ensure that the blasting area is fully clear and notices that the door to the shack is open. When he investigates, Joe makes an ill-considered attempt to commandeer the helicopter, putting them all at risk unless communication can somehow be established with Sergeant Corey.

Episode cast overview:
Broderick Crawford Broderick Crawford - Chief Dan Mathews
Paul Richards Paul Richards - Joe White / Jim
Helene Stanton Helene Stanton - Marge
Tyler McVey Tyler McVey - Fred - Engineer
Morgan Jones Morgan Jones - Sgt. Corey 3822
Roy Bourgeois Roy Bourgeois - Roy Helicopter pilot
Art Gilmore Art Gilmore - Narrator (voice)
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