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After an over-cocky inter-forces 'anti-terrorism' game in which he damaged the minister's car, Belgian Army special ops diver Rick Symons is transferred to the Navy. Alas, in Koksijde base's rescue unit, rivalry among both Seaking helicopter crews is as dangerously blind. Rick has a stormy hate-love-relationship with female medic Alex Breynaert. And his past, an incident which left veteran Koen crippled for life, sort of catches up. Koen's crazy scheme has dire consequences, breaking Rick's will to go on. But he changes his mind during a ship fire emergency and takes extreme risks.

Andrea Croonenberghs was asked to reprise her popular series character, but it didn't fit in her planning.

With a budget close to 4,500,000 Euro the most expensive dutch-spoken Belgian feature to date. Because this compared to American or British films still is low budget, the production agreed with the Pinewood Studio's and the SFX teams to pay them a lower fee then usual.

Opened in The Netherlands on 18 January 2007, the same day the heaviest storm in years struck the country, paralyzing all of the railroads and killing five people.

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    • Author: artman
    Rick Symons (a handsome Kevin Janssens) is a maverick diver in the Belgian navy. His actions embarrass his superiors and he is reassigned to the 40th division of the air force. In Belgium, the coast guard is a part of the army. His new job is to rescue people lost at sea, while being towed down from a helicopter.

    At the coast guard, he has to team up with a young nurse, Alex (Veerle Baetend, with a girl-next-door type of charm). Alex had to fight for her position in this masculine world. There is also Marleen (Tine Reymer) and her wheel-chaired husband Koen (Axel Daeseleire). Rick knows them from the past, but how are they connected?

    When you are at sea, rescuing people under hazardous conditions, your life depends on the men and women you work with. Alex hears that Rick can't be trusted and brings his co-workers in danger. Alex has to decide if she wants to be in the same team with him.

    This is the beginning of a story that alternates between high thrills action and human emotional drama: On one side, there is grand action adventure in the air and at sea, On the other, is the drama of complex relations between friends and colleagues. On both aspects, this movie really delivers. The rescue actions are quite spectacular and thrilling. The human side of the story is brought convincingly and feels real.

    I felt a lump in my throat quite a couple of times. It was not hard to identify with the characters on the screen. The picture is very efficient in introducing the characters. Without many words being spoken, you get to know who these people are and you feel a connection with them almost immediately. Well, at least I did.

    This movie is drawn on the same template as 1986's Top Gun. It features an exciting part of the army, with brave and charming protagonists. Like Top Gun, this movie sometimes feels like a long job recruitment commercial, in this case for the coast guard. Who wouldn't want to be working with these people who do such dangerous but admirable work? Although filmed apparently with a much lower budget than its US air force example (the equivalent of USD 5 million), this picture easily matches the quality of photography and the delivery of exciting action.

    I think this movie succeeds even better on the human side of the story. Although the elements of the story are nothing that we have not seen before elsewhere, the portrayals of the main characters are convincing enough and carry depth. This side of the movie made more impact on me during one theater visit than Top Gun did during 7 or 8 viewings.

    The movie is beautifully shot in Cinemascope. Unfortunately the filmmakers seemed to be fond of their digital toolbox and gave many scenes a yellow glow. At times this felt a bit overdone. The scoring by Matt Dunkley (who I didn't know) is quite adequate and never becomes noticeable, which usually is a good sign.

    I have not seen the original TV-series "Windkracht 10" (translates to "Wind Force 10"), on which this movie is based. I have also not yet seen the 2006 US coast guard drama "The Guardian", which touches on the same line of work. So I have no direct comparison. I liked this one, though.

    I recommend this movie to anybody who likes adventure stories mixed with human drama. Just don't expect an original and unpredictable story.

    I rate this movie 8 out of 10, so quite high, because it really struck a chord with me. I can't go any higher, because of the "job commercial", glamorizing aspects and lack of originality in the script. So my verdict: 8/10.

    Release / language trivia: The spoken language is Dutch, or rather the Belgian dialect also called Flemish. (Of course, the usual air force jargon is spoken, which is mostly English). In neighboring country The Netherlands, where Dutch is the national language, the movie is shown in theaters with Dutch subtitles. I must say, that this makes the dialog easier to follow.

    Marketing trivia: This (for local production standards) big budget movie has been released in a very limited way in the Netherlands. This, in spite of its potential appeal to a wide audience. There has not been much promotion. I saw this movie in its first week on a Monday night with no more than 10 people at the only screening of the day.

    International release expectations: Although the film does not seem to aim at the Anglosaxon world, it should do well in other international markets. Especially in regions with sea coasts, this should be a recognizable story. Audiences that are used to seeing their movies dubbed or subtitled anyways, would enjoy the high production values and universal themes. Also, the humor is mostly physical (no word jokes) and there is no frontal nudity or extreme violence.
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    • Author: Goltizuru
    I enjoyed the film very very much. It took me 5 minutes to hook up with Rik Symons, and he got me through the whole story. I like the combination of strong characters, and the very good action scenes. Very well done, for such a small budget. It really looks very real. As we say in French: 'Chapeau!'. The actors' performances are very convincing. I already saw 'The Alzheimer Case' with Koen De Bouw, and in this film he is very good again. I like Kevin Jansens, and the combination of very subtle scenes and the big action scenes he's in. I heard they shot a part of the film in the underwater studios at Pinewood in England. It is impossible to see what is shot in studio, and what is shot outside. Again, that is really well done.
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    • Author: Bort
    STORMFORCE is a laughably inept Belgian drama about a helicopter rescue crew whose business it is to go around saving lives in their native country. The first thing you notice when watching the English version of this film is just how bad the dubbing is; astonishingly bad, in fact, with no effort to make the words match the mouth movements and really bad, over-emphasised voice performances throughout.

    The story mixes in the usual clichéd elements, foremost of which is a cheesy romance between male and female crew members. There are some low rent disaster scenarios about rescuing people from a powerful storm, but it all smacks of sentimentality and the action is nothing to write home about whatsoever.
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    • Author: Connorise
    There is nothing special about this movie. It's a common plot--a man and a woman can't stand each other, they fall in love, one is in danger and the other is worried, danger is over and they live happily ever after. It's very similar to "The Guardian" which released days before but I much prefer the conflict in The Guardian over this one.

    I watched the version with English overdubbed. Some of the dialog was just plain stupid. Either they didn't translate it correctly or it was bad in the first place. Other parts were difficult to understand but not debilitating.

    They had to throw in the obligatory nude scene but it seemed to serve only to force the rating to R. It added nothing to the movie and shouldn't have even been included.

    They threw in the obligatory animal too and kept showing a dog all the way through the movie but they didn't develop its character at all. Sometimes you had to ask yourself how the dog got where it was. In the end the only conclusion is that they brought it with them in a helicopter--something a real squad simply would not do.

    I considered ejecting the DVD I had rented about half way through but since it had an exciting beginning I decided to stick it out to the end. I wish I had ejected it. I'll never get those two hours back!
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    • Author: Painwind
    Technically well-made movie with some daring stunts and spectacular set-pieces. The movie is inspired by the work of the helicopter-based rescue teams bringing help to those in peril on the sea, to wit the North Sea close to Belgium.

    There are a number of impressive shots of the Belgian coastline. Compare the natural beauty of the coast with the hideous ugliness of human habitation - and discover why environmentalists and city planners all over the world speak of "Belgian coastline syndrome", with shuddering horror in their voices.

    There are also a number of tastefully done nude or semi-nude shots, presumably for those viewers who don't yet know what a naked lady or gentleman looks like.

    "Windkracht 10" is not an unpleasant movie, but it would have been much better if it had been more daring and imaginative. Sadly it is ridden by cliché. Rivalry between various branches of police, armed forces and civil protection - check. Young and brilliant officer shunned as a dangerous maverick - check. People obsessed by an old accident for which they feel responsible - check. Cute pet adopted under difficult circumstances - check. Adorable young boy in danger - check. Mother and infant surrounded by flames - check.

    I could go on like this for several paragraphs, but my computer is getting tired...

    Still, the movie left me with a deep appreciation for the real-life men and women who perform this most dangerous and necessary of tasks. Try crawling through the oil-filled corridors of a burning ship - it doesn't bear thinking about...
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Kevin Janssens Kevin Janssens - Rick Symons
    Veerle Baetens Veerle Baetens - Alex Breynaert
    Tine Reymer Tine Reymer - Marleen Nys
    Axel Daeseleire Axel Daeseleire - Koen
    Koen De Bouw Koen De Bouw - Mark Van Houte
    Stan Van Samang Stan Van Samang - Serge Helsen
    Ludo Busschots Ludo Busschots - Patrick Adams
    Jelle Cleymans Jelle Cleymans - Bert Gorissen
    Warre Borgmans Warre Borgmans - Jean Louis Hubert De Jonghe
    Vic de Wachter Vic de Wachter - Bob Govaerts
    François Beukelaers François Beukelaers - Generaal Cassiman
    Mark van den Bos Mark van den Bos - Generaal Landmacht
    Jean-Michel Flagothier Jean-Michel Flagothier - Admiraal
    Eric Godon Eric Godon - Defence minister
    Frank Mercelis Frank Mercelis - Kabinetschef
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