» » Polvareda (2013)

Short summary

A gang of professional thieves pulls off their great hit: they rob millions from a downtown financial company. They must hide and wait until a forger provides them with passports to leave the country. They choose Polvareda, a small town lost in the vast argentine plains that is also connected with the gang's past -a past that will come back to settle some unfinished business. They must remain in that peaceful place for a little more than a day. They have two bags filled with money, some guns, lots of free time and, a habit for messing things up. An urban crime story, western, comedy... That and much more is what 'Polvareda' is about.

Credited cast:
Horacio Camandulle Luna Horacio Camandulle Luna - El Chino
Eduardo Cutuli Eduardo Cutuli - El Mudo
Leandro Cóccaro Leandro Cóccaro - El Facha
José Manuel Espeche José Manuel Espeche - Roque
Enrique Papatino Enrique Papatino - El Jefe
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