» » Nation - un huis clos avec Lucien Bouchard (2014)

Short summary

A man bears witness to history. A musical soundtrack guides us back in time. A time when nationalist fervour in Quebec was a rallying point for a substantial cross-section of its population. We are ushered into the inauguration of the Quebec nationalist journey that will become the crux of Lucien Bouchard's political life. Nation delves into critical turning points in former Quebec premier Lucien Bouchard's life, to explain the why behind subsequent historical events, including broken loyalties, how certain obvious dangers could have been avoided, finding joy in seemingly despondent times, and most importantly, how one man embodied, in such a multifaceted way, the one thing that tormented a nation throughout so many years : the perpetuation of its own identity.

Credited cast:
Lucien Bouchard Lucien Bouchard
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