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I,want to know about true creepy stories from Japan.

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    • Author: Tyler Is Not Here
    First and foremost let me say, I do not scare or get creeped out easily, but this had me wide eyed and paranoid of what was lurking in the dark. I thought The Ring, Dark Water, an The Grudge were very BLAH movies, but this movie shows their roots and does it in a very creepy way. It contains multiple tales of paranormal experiences, which, at the very least, will give you chills. The special effects are cheesy in some places but they are very effective cheesy special effects. There are many different stories in this movie so I can't give you a true summary of the movie, but I will say it is worth a rental and most will find it worth it to buy. On the movie scale 8/10. On the horror movie scale 10/10.
  • Credited cast:
    Junko Asanuma Junko Asanuma - Segment: Hitori botchi no shôjo
    Yumi Goto Yumi Goto - (as Yumi Gotô)
    Hiromi Hisano Hiromi Hisano - Segment: Hitori botchi no shôjo
    Rie Kondoh Rie Kondoh - (as Rie Kondô)
    Kazue Suzuki Kazue Suzuki - Segment: Hitori botchi no shôjo
    Masakazu Tanaka Masakazu Tanaka - Segment: Hitori botchi no shôjo
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