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    • Author: Thorgahuginn
    This DVD release of website material was shot 3 years ago, and is poorly titled for us traditionalists. It consists of 3 chapters EACH covering Anne and Grace, making for six segments, a fact obscured by the condensed moniker.

    Addicted fans obviously subscribe to the website, as scenes are regimented in terms of style and content: endless repetition of the same sex and visuals, only the young ladies changing for variety's sake.

    The non-actor whose stage name remains unidentified is here as always playing the Seed Bearer, aka President Oaks, who like royalty of yore gets first dibs on any maiden before her prospective husband. This ritual is made dull by Oaks' lack of performance: he has no personality, no thespian skills and a small to moderately sized dick, rather rare in 21st Century porn. One husband, also a no-namer who is not even assigned a Character name, appears as well. A scene near the end of the bride Anne having sex in Glory Hole format (a dick appearing amidst the hanging veil of curtains) is identified as that of her prospective husband, but even this ploy has been used before in previous editions.

    This points of the series' main failing: very poor casting of male talent. While the femmes are all pretty and fairly fresh-looking young porn actresses, the actors as members of the cult bring nothing to the table. Surely there are attractive, well-hung male porn stars without tattoos that could have been cast.

    Stealing the show for me was the return of Sister Davis (played by uncredited Bethanie Skye), whose prominent nipples stand out in the opening lesbian-sex chapter opposite Elektra Rose as Anne. Elektra and Gwen Stark are both attractive and fresh looking -indicating that in terms of casting we won't be seeing overexposed young actresses like Piper Perri or Elsa Jean anytime soon in these anti-Mormon porn flicks.

    Constructive criticism to be levied concerns the lack of content. By content I mean that when I watch Adult Cinema I'm always looking for something, mostly story and characters, beyond the repetitious depiction of sex acts, and in this series the pointless and often misleading inter-titles are the only content to be found. The mythos of this fake Mormon cult and the actual back stories of its protagonists (e.g., what was the childhood of each girl before she got dragged into this nonsense) could make for interesting and sustaining fodder for the viewer. Instead, we have ritualistic sex and minimalist style, guaranteed to eventually, if not instantly, convince the curious watcher not to come back for more.

    My interest in credits (adding or correcting tens of thousands of IMDb movie listings so far) extends to reading the fine print of the disclaimers, sometimes amusing in these days of censorship fears, especially regarding incest content. For this DVD, the Florida pornographers in charge blundered by having the end credits disclaimer refer to the wrong website: "actual sexually explicit content on", citing the Gay Porn companion website instead of the proper My local Times Square videostore charges an arm and a leg for the Boyz DVDs in this series so I won't be listing or reviewing any of them anytime soon (hint: you intrepid IMDb submitters get cracking on that missing link in my stead).
  • Cast overview:
    Elektra Rose Elektra Rose - Sister Anne (as Sister Anne)
    Gwen Stark Gwen Stark - Sister Grace (as Sister Grace)
    Bethanie Skye Bethanie Skye - Sister Davis (as Sister Davis)
    President Oaks President Oaks - Seed Bearer
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