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Asco is the poisonous feeling aroused in a heart broken by the blade of love.
Asco is the poisonous feeling aroused in a heart broken by the blade of love. It's about making someone feel exactly what you felt. A sculptor creates a ring for his beloved and she denies. Collapsed and helpless, gathers strength to rebuild through veiled approaches and unreasonable persecution. Revenges her attracting the new person who rises upon this relationship.

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First Brazilian feature-film ever to be selected on the Slamdance Film Festival [January 2015].

Raised over R$18,000 through Catarse crowdfunding process.

Screened through 'crowdticketing' service in São Paulo, Brazil movie theaters, where 60% of the tickets had to be sold online before each session.

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    • Author: Anayalore
    Greetings again from the darkness - from the Dallas International Film Festival. A broken heart is one of most powerful triggers of human emotion. Clarity of thought is often lacking during this period, and mental images explode as a rational reaction is rarely able to break through the swirling alternatives.

    Brazilian writer/director Alexandre Paschoalini presents the story of broken-hearted Ela (Sol Faganello) in expressionistic hyper-kinetic Black and White mode. After Ele (Guto Nogueira) crushes his emotions and attempt at connection, he begins a psychotic mission with the goal of causing her to feel the same pain that her actions brought to him.

    Many of Ela's actions are outside the boundaries of the law, but he will not be deterred. Ele's shock of white hair adds a visual that perfectly contrasts with Ela's dark and brooding features and moods. White hat vs Black hat – only no one told the white hat that she was in a demented duel.

    With almost no dialogue, the story is told through both stark and outlandish visuals, and is often accompanied by music that hearkens to 1960's era rock music. A masked woman and a faceless man ensure that we understand just how removed from rational thought that Ela has become. It's quite a build up with a startling climax that features a terrific last line … explaining all.
  • Cast overview:
    Guto Nogueira Guto Nogueira - Ele
    Sol Faganello Sol Faganello - Ela
    Acauã Sol Acauã Sol - Faceless Man
    Danielle Rosa Danielle Rosa - Woman with Mask
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